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How Many Irish on T-Nation?


I'm American but, my dad was pure Irish and my mom was like half. So, I'm very Irish (hence the avatar).

I can't help but notice the high number of Irish folks here at T-Nation.

If you're Irish post here.

I'm curious as to how many there are.


aside from a great grandmother who was finnish,
the rest are all Irish in my family. Of course I consider myself a Floridian first. Not too much of us born and bred down here are left.


I'm mainly Irish, German being the other part.


Only in america....

I know pluralism is encouraged in the US but its a bit pathetic to be honest. 10th generation Irish lad in Boston, has a shamrock tattoo and is as irish as my goldfish.
Your American FFS.

My ancestors were from Once great civilizations, one of which were Vikings. I am however not a viking.


1/4 Irish
1/4 French
1/4 Italian
1/4 Polish

Let the flames begin.


Right here buddy.


My Mothers side of the family came from County Cork, my Fathers family from County Kerry.


My mother was half Irish, half Italian, and half Jewish!

...thats three halves!

She was a big woman!


My mother's Irish. The family are Lynches from County Galway...but very far removed, as they came over during the Famine.




bet she could cook like no tomorrow!


How to make a GHF?

1 part Irish
1 part Scottish
1 part German
and a shitload of sex machine!

EDIT- that should be 2 parts German, sorry pappy... almost left out the sauerkraut


Well i'm Northern Irish (its a touchy subject lol) - because i was born here and live here.

IMO if your irish you better be born there. Same for any nationality - i'm not quite sure what the attraction is of being 8th generation something or other - whats the point - are people not content with their identity - do you actually "feel" the chosen country in your bones or something?

When i was in australia a woman kept harping on and on that she was irish 'cause of her grandparents blah blah blah "fitzpatrick - thats a good irish name" she said, my friend replied "actually its french-norman" - end of conversation. Theres probably very little pure blood left in the world what with maurauding armies invading etc etc.

rant over.


born in ireland and still here - belfast to be exact

mum is irish , dad is irish , brothers are irish


none of this "i live in texas but my mum once had a penpal who saw a pic of ireland which makes me irish" bullshit !!

u guys are just wannabes :slight_smile:

ill sell some soil from my back garden if any of u wanna purchase authentic irish soil from an irish man ?? let the ebay bidding begin !!


My liver is 33% Guiness, 33% Becks, 33% Budweiser, and 1% functional.

Woops! I said the "key" word.


You are not American- this is why you don't understand this.

In a nation of immigrants, many people still identify with the country that their forebears came from. I'm a mix of a couple different things, and I hold no illusions that I'm American, not any kind of European. However, don't be surprised when people still have strong ties to the original European nation. Hell, I do.

Like I said, it is truly an "American" thing.


I am the exact opposite. I was born in Australia but I am the first Australian in a very long line of english. I keep getting told by everybody that this makes me english. After they recover from the beating that I give them for calling me a pom (sometimes I like to use the tail of a dead kangaroo to flog them with just to illustrate the point) I kindly remind them that I was born in Australia and I am Australian.



It's a bloodline thing. It doesn't matter where you live.

But that's not what I was looking for. I wasn't trying to toot my own horn or see other Irish-Americans. There's a ton of them.

I wanted to see how many people posted on T-Nation THAT ACTUALLY LIVE IN IRELAND. So far, there has been two that posted in the thread.


Me too.


I totally understand it - its called pluralism, and as far as i understand is very much encouraged in the US and A (sorry boratisms keep creeping in). Its still a bit daft in my opinion though. Your not irish American, the same as the other guy is not Italian American, or African American just as i will never be a viking, Hun, Roman, Greek, A quarter Genghis Khan or whatthefuck ever.

Just BS in an effort to obtain an identity and background.