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How Many HP Workouts is Too Many?


I have been following the HP program to the "T" for the past 4 weeks and i fucking love it. Here is the problem. I was layed off of work yesterday and i have 6 weeks before school starts so i have 100 percent availability to train. my gym is 3 minutes away, empty of noobs and FULL of equipment (including make shift sled) My training split for the past 4 weeks has been the full 7 day schedule. today at 8am i fire out a neural charge workout and the "real" workout falls around 2 pm. so my questions is....

is there anything i can do to fill up an hour at night?

i have an opportunity to really push myself and want to make the most of the next 6 weeks.
so any tips would be welcomed!


I think if you want to add some more volume to your day you have some tips that Mr. thibs talk. You can add each day a Sled workout (eccentric less) as the last workout of the day.

will be: NC + weight lifting Upper/lower + Eccentric less

You have to manage how to include in your actual workout.

You have another tools/blitz in your six week max effort mega mass training :D:

  • in the first two weeks of HP Mass (1st week low volume/2nd week medium volume) you can add a blitz for the abs, or a maximum reps circuit at the end of the wight lifting workout.
  • in the fourth and fifth weeks of HP Mass (4th week low volume/5th week medium volume) you can add isolation circuits at the end of the workouts.
  • in weeks 3rd and 6th (the high volume of the 3 weeks phases) you can make a major effort and try to do 3day in a row for Upper and 3day in a row for Lower, foundation in the 7th day.

I may look crazy, and i am lol but this is simple tools that you can manage along 6 week cycles always having changes in the train surprising the body, improving recovery through NC workouts. Trial and error, maybe.



thanks bro!
a lot of awesome ideas! i like the idea of eccentric-less training at the end to almost seal the deal.
so this may be a stupid question but is it counter productive to do a lot of eccentricless training? i understand the principles of the stabalizers and why we fatigue certain muscles but there has to be a point where every night might be too much??


Use this free time to learn as much as possible about nutrition, it's so underrated, or just ignored by a lot of people, and the thing I find takes so much time to keep on top of. If I could go back to a time when I had much less responsibilities and more free time that'd the biggest change I would make.


Yes, nutrition is definitely my strong point at the moment. but i will always and forever be reading articles on new research, like the one in MD about protein being be spread apart by 4-6 hours.


Here's something I've been doing for the past 3 os so weeks:

AM: Heavy
Early PM: Eccentric-less
PM: High volume (max rep circuits)

It's basically what we've seen from the Daryl Gee project! Works really well for upper body pressing.

To limit SNC fatigue when training larger muscle groups (legs, for example), I'll sometimes go:

AM: Heavy
PM: Eccentric-less


AM: Heavy
PM: Neural charge

Just play around with the 3 types of workouts, you should be able to find what works best for you!


Interesting, but i thought CT mentioned to do eccentric-less moves right after any main movements,like right after a BP then go do some chest press with the sled, or behind neck press and then go do some rear delts on sled. Btw heres how mines go:for the first week monday and thursday upper&lower body pressing AM&PM:NC/workout, the eccentric is right after any main moves that i do. and btw i train my abs every day for the first 2 weeks, so as CT mentioned they respond the best for only 2 weeks. Please feel free to correct me. Cheers