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How Many HP Mass Workouts Can be Done in 1 Week?



the coming 6 weeks i've alot of free time, is it ok to do 6 HP Mass workout(3 upper body primary emphasis, 3 lower body primary emphasis) per week? (i might add neural charge or eccentric-less workout at night time) will that lead to over training?

also if i use "feeling" rather than calcuation for those ramping weight(like those in IBB program), is it ok?

thanks for help


I think he hopes everyone who uses his protocols will eventually be able to use "feeling" - he only provides that calculation for people who lack the experiance to judge the right weights to use from set to set to keep in the zone


i hope so, because i'm afraid if i use the "feeling" method, rather than the calculation he provided, that may affect the end result i get....


I would suggest following his calculations for the first six weeks then to see how it goes