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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Get? Is It Affected By TRT?

Hey guys,
Quick question for you.
How many hours of sleep per night do you average? Has it become less since starting trt?

I slept like crap before TRT. 4 maybe 5 hours tops and it wasn’t good sleep.

-After that second week things started to slowly get better.
(For reference I inject 100mg twice a week (Tues & Friday)

-2.5 months in and i’m sleeping pretty damn good now. I do take trazodone as a sleep aid but I was taking that before I started TRT so…

I currently get a solid 7 hours in a night of quality sleep now so something’s working. :slight_smile:

Have you been tested for sleep apnea? Do you do PM workouts?

Im sleeping fine its just different from before trt… I used to be able to sleep 8 hours but now its 6… I wake up totally rested and have good energy all day so I am not complaining. Just find it strange I need 2 hours less a night. I also wake up totally alert and there is no chance I can fall back asleep so now I just get up but its tricky being up 2+ hours before the rest of my family gets up…