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How Many HIIT Cycles in a Year?

How many.8week HIIT cycles can one do in a year without over training? I have been lifting for 2 years and doing regular cardio for 5 years

Well this has got to be one of the more vague questions I have read for awhile.

Much more info required.

Start with your stat’s (age, weight, training age etc)

Than give an example of a HIIT routine.

Than give us info about other activities or lifting or sport you engage in.

A good solid goal that you are trying to achieve would be icing on the cake.

Also confused by the question.

What do you mean by HIIT ‘cycle’?

You could do HIIT every day if you wanted, and it was structured properly.

Yeah I think you would have to put yourself in a pretty uncomfortable place to reach over training with HIIT depending on what kind your doing, when I’m in my offseason I can do 4 sessions of HIT, 3 sessions of skill work, and 3 or 4 lifts a week just fine.