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How Many Gyms in Canada?


If any of you had to come with a good guess. Then how many gyms do you think there are in Canada...?


What a random question.

Do you live in Canada?

If you are trying to degrade Canada, Canada has a lot of gyms for your information. SO many that I think it would be futile to approximate.


why would I try to degrade canada with that kinda question???

Anywho, just a random question really...


There are 2 gyms in Canada. We have 1/10th of all the gyms in the world, the US has 1/2 of the gyms in the world, so that means the rest of the world have to fight over the 1/5th of gyms which means outside of Canada and the US there are only 8 gyms.


Like Raimisch said, there are two gyms in Canada - one in Alberta, and one in Ontario. I obviously go to the one in Ontario.


Ok. Can someone please educate me on the definition of a gym? Canada only has two gyms? I don't understand. That means the "gym" I got to is not even a gym. Wow. I should tell my training partner not to call it the gym anymore. I can see his reaction already, "Fuck off, it's still the gym!"


actually i heard that they're opening up a gym in British Columbia in 2035. it's going to be inside of a medium sized igloo.


Yep! And it's going to be great. Right now I'm personal training out of a kindergarden playground. It's very limiting. And the pre-school and kindergardener's push me around and they're really mean. They beat me up a few weeks ago.
~sob, sniff, sniff, sob~

But I'll show them dammit!!

AT runs away to find his comfort blankey.


You can't be serious...