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How many Gummy Vitamins should I be Taking?


my body doesen't really take to regular multi vitamins. So i eat gummy ones instead. it says kids 4 to adult should take 2, but I don't by that bullshit having a 4 year old kid and a 200 pound adult eat the same amount of vitamins is just bull shit. so anyone know how many I should be taking?



How do you expect us to answer such a silly question without ANY facts or information about these gummies your eating.


And, how do you know your body doesn't "take" to regular vits?


I really hope this is a troll... there is no difference between your bodies response to a solid pill or gummys so take the pill...

/end thread.


no troll they seriously mess with my stomach. and I know my body doesn't work well with pill vitamins because I've tried many different kinds for the past couple years. gummy's work.

sorry bout not putting any nutritional facts down I'm not a morning person.. yes I know its 11:15.

but anyway nutritional facts:
Vitamin A = 30%
Vitamin C = 25%
Vitamin D = 50%
Vitamin E = 50%
Vitamin B-6 = 25%
Folic Acid = 50%
Vitamin B-12 = 50%
Biotin = 15%
Pantothenic Acid = 25%
Iodine = 20%
Magnesium = 1%
Zinc = 13%
Inositol = 10 mcg
DHA = 100 mcg


thats a terrible multi profile.. im assuming thats for 2 tabs so you would most likely need at least 4-5 to be substantial for an adult 200lb weightlifter. eat solid ones with food, youll be fine


Why don't you just look at a content of a normal bottle of vitamins, and adjust accordingly?


Based on what? The side of the bottle?

Go to the doctor and find out what is wrong with your stomach. A grown man does not take Gummy Vitimans. T-level just dropped in here RADICALLY.


I don't have a multi vitamin bottle, admittedly I could have looked one up but I didn't realize this till just now.




The doc laughed when I told her a take gummy vitamins, I was there for my foot like 4 days ago.

but but there spiderman and a friends with real artifical fruit. =D, I know it's not good but for the next month it's what I'm workin.