How Many Grapplers Do We Have?

Just wondering if I will see any of the T-Nation brahs (and vixens) at NAGA in Atlanta may 10. Hope you do, I will be the dude on the mats giving the takedown clinic ; ) JK, not trying to be cocky, but can’t wait to fucking compete!!!

cool you’re from atlanta too? where do you go to practice grappling?

I do Catch Wrestling, however, I don’t have any interest in competing.

Good luck in ATL at the NAGA, I know the skills are strong in the region and there are sure to be some beasts there.

Good luck man. Just don’t make the same mistake I did in my last BJJ tournament and get so excited over getting a takedown that you forget to not get choked :stuck_out_tongue:

ive been known to occasionally hit the mats

i want to start bjj again. seems like a good way to put on mass and get stronger especially in the muscles there are no exercises for

Are you doing no-gi and gi? If you are doing both you maybe in line for a long long day.

I used to be in jiujitsu club at school, I’ll take any of you.

Love grappling, spending more time in MMA and Boxing training recently, but I still get to hit the mats pretty often.
Good luck by the way.


I live in the metro area but haven’t been rolling consistently enough to make it to NAGA this year. I may go spectate though. Goodluck man!

muay thai, but i have a nice ground game.

Yeah, but I sure can’t get down to ATL from Canada. I’ll probly start comps again this summer now that my degree is over.

Keep your chin tucked there killer. And remember, don’t let your takedown clinic get followed up by a sit-out, choke, armbar or sweep clinic.


I grapple. Been to the NAGA at Newark, NJ which is close to me.

[quote]Guerrero wrote:
I used to be in jiujitsu club at school, I’ll take any of you.[/quote]

YU IS INTRNT GNGSTA!? Yea G, thrw sme d’zzzz 'n dat hoe

whats grappling?? :slight_smile:

Good luck, and remember to have fun and enjoy the whole experience. Make some some new friends and training partners.

I grew up with sombo, compete in judo and gi/no-gi bjj.


I did MMA for 2 years and then BJJ for 2 more years.

I had a lot of fun. I will go back one day.

i was at the NAGA in va last weekend

That would be me too even tho I’m a n00b. Is anyone gonna be at NAGA in chicago?

I’ve been doing gi BJJ for about two years, though I’m based in London, England. Will start training no gi next month.