How Many Grams?

I’m starting a different 5000 Calorie diet to gain weight to approx. 225 pounds. I may need 6000 but we’ll see, how many grams, assuming they are clean, of each nutrient do you need? for example i wanna eat about 400 grams of protein/day. how many grams of carbs and fats do i need? and how much is too much?

Depends very individual. some ppl bulk with things like the AD and dont get over 30 grams of carbs some load the hell out of carbs.

Check out some of the nutrition articles and try something see what works for you over time. I personally find carbs when bulking are a hell of an aid and eat a ton on training days not as many on non training days etc


if i could offer some advice?

start off with 33% of each macronutrient (prt/car/fat) as Waterbury states in his muscle revolution and measure everything every 2 weeks, from their make your adjustments according to what you see,feel, and want,

see: do you see your self getting fatter/slimmer/stronger?

feel: do you feel tired, unmotivated, extremely motivated, or ?

want: do you want mass, loose fat? ect…

every 2 weeks adjust according to those and see what happends!

if your feeling way tired every day, then adjust your carbs up until you feel good, and adjust everything else down a bit, try to keep fats around 30%

and so on and so forth…

These are my opinions, so if you like them use them if not then oh well!