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how many grams of..

i asked a similar question before and got alot of good answers, i have short question left. How many grams of casein do you think would be good to take at night? just a rough guess. thanks

What is your goal? Gain lean mass? Cutting?
What is your body weight? Height? When is your last meal before this one?
At 5’11" and 190 pounds (cutting phase), I’ll usually take 30-35 grams with a little fat before snoozy time.

cutting right now, 5’11 210…last meal of the day (nightime snack). I was going to add cottage cheese to my whey/egg/bcaa…meal. I wanted to roughly see how much casein to protein to add.

It would be best to just stick with the straight casein and minimal other sources of protein. It is the one of the slowest digesting proteins and that is the idea here as you want the breakdown process to be as long as possible while you sleep. Most other proteins break down much faster.
Just a ballpark answer here but 30-40 grams would probably be best.

thanks bro.

I second BodyIQ 30-40grams for a 210lbs man should be great.


Wouldn’t some cottage cheese here as opposed to a dedicated Casein supplement do the trick since it’s high in Caesin?

Agree with BIQ. Lose the whey.

Depending on what else is consumed with the meal, cottage cheese may not be in line because of the insulin spike it causes. Also, food starch is a good thing to avoid.

Why should he lose the whey? I thought Berardi’s article said that whey and casein at night before bead was best.

thanks guys,
i also read numerous articles about taking whey at night… hmmm?