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How many grams of protien can a person absorb in one meal?

I realize that no one can normalize a number here without knowing a lot of specific information such as type of protien, the athlete’s lean mass, the type of training that is being done, etc. . . Is there any kind of formula (short of doing a urine test) to be able to even give a ballpark figure? Most of the time I hear this come up it is in regards to either meal replacements or whey protien. . .???

Hi Cheesehead (craking name!)
I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I remember reading (PLUSA)a similar Q, answered by Dr. M Di Pasquale (sp?). The answer he gave was it depends! (you knew that) but his feeling was that it was possible for the body to digest up to 100 grams of protein in one meal. This was a counter to the oft heard “30 gram per meal” rubbish rehashed in many BB circles.
BTW Dipasquale was a (Canadian?) World Champ Powerlifter and has a regular column in PLUSA (though he tends to concentrate on Q’s refering to his diet system / supps nowadays.

Old Dax

Dax is right, it depends.

I always think about cavemen, hovering over a large kill. You think they couldn’t “digest” all the meat they could eat when they took that bad boy down?

The answer, in short, is: “More than you might think.”

I hit about 50g of protein per each of my 6 meals a day… no digestive problems.

Dan “Fiber is your friend” McVicker

I really don’t care about how much my body can absorb in one sitting. My main concern is getting in 1g to 1.5g of GOOD proteins in per pound of body weight.

So as my weight goes up, my protein intake goes up as well. All I then do is divide it into my meals per day. Currently, I ingest 45grams of protein per meal, consuming 7 meals per day.