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How Many Grams of Everything Calculator?


Does anyone know where I can find a good calculator for everything I am supposed to take in? I'd love to go low carb/high protein but, I need to know how many grams of each I should be taking in at 250 lbs?? Fat and sugar grams would be helpful too... Anyone know of such a place? Ive read around here and googled a bunch too..


It's a very individualized thing you are asking. One way to baseline it is 40%/40%/20%. Protein is 40% of the calories, while the other 40% is coming from fats or carbs, with the 20% being which ever one you didn't use.

So this could be 300g protein, 300g carbs, and 70g fat. Or another combination, depending on your caloric need.

If you are going to go low carb, you fats will need to be higher.


Ever try reading the hundreds of articles covering how to design a diet for yourself?

Or consider hiring a nutrition/dietetics professional if you're too lazy or don't have the time to look into this yourself?


Take your weight. subtract 40 pounds. Presto.


there's a "carb cycle codex" article on here i read a while ago. it has the math in there for ya