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How Many Grams of Creatine a Day?

I just recently ordered Biotest’s creeatine and it reccomends loading for 4-5 days followed by 5g a day for the rest of the bottle. I’ve seen places on the web that suggest p to 20-30 g. What amount has worked best for you? and how much are you currently taking?

your body naturally produces 1g a day, so 5g a day is actually alot for a person ingest daily. IMHO I think companies recommend loading so you run through their product faster and buy more.

20-30g! Holy Macaroni!

Use the search function on this site because there is like 1,000 threads about this and ~3 articles on creatine.


20-30g would be for loading doses, though that’s usually at 20g.

[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
Holy Macaroni!


damn straight!

i did 5g a day and caught mad boners off of it. anymore is a waste IMO