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How many grams is a teaspoon of Flax Oil


How many grams of Flax is in a teaspoon of Flax Oil. Thanks.


If your flax oil gives the calories/fat content for a tablespoon, just divide the numbers by three (three teaspoons to one tablespoon).


The problem is that there is no label. I ordered 32 ounces of Flax Oil from the protein factory, but there is no place on the bottle or the website that specifies any kind of serving amount. an option could be to put the whole bottle in another container teaspoon by teaspoon, count how many teaspoons it took to transfer all of the flax, and then divide by 32 ounces. But that's just darn irritating, and I have a busy schedule. So I would like to know if there is an approximate standard for how much flax is in a given teaspoon.


Mike, I think I read somewhere that Flax Oil has about 135 calories per tablespoon. So, you're looking at about 45 calories per teaspoon with about 5 grams of fat per teaspoon. I hope this is what you were looking for. Regards.


5 ML. Approx 5 grams


There is about 14 gms per tablespoon. Divide that by three. Thats how many gms are in a teaspoon.


Even that method wouldn't work. Its 32 fluid ounces, not 32 mass ounces. So all that'd give you is a number that tells you how many teaspons are in a fluid ounce.

Go to the Protein Facotory's Custom Mix worksheet, it allows you to find the macronutrient ratio along with number grams of fat in one teaspoon of Flax Oil. If I remember correctly, its around 4.6 grams of fat in one teaspoon.


Mike, Disregard my last answer. I'm a total idiot for not reading your question correctly. I looked for various products on the web as well and none give any nutritional profiles for grams of flax. Sorry.


Mike, got bottle in front of me. Each teaspoonful.......4,650mg.