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How Many Grams In a Cup?


I hear a lot of the time (nutrition and recipe wise) add in a cup of "insert any food hear", 2 cups of ... , 1/2 cup of ..... Thing is i have every cup size imaginable in my house and internet searches are proving inconsistent results on how many grams in a cup. Can anyone help me out?


Grams=weight and cup=volume so depending on what you put in it density wise it will vary... widely.

Of all the cups you have in your house do any look like say, this?


You couldn't type this into Google's measuring converter?


Or you could just fill a cup up and weigh it....just tare the scale to remove the weight of the cup itself...


You do know that 1 cup (or 1/2 cup or whatever cup) is a specific unit of measure, right? you need to use a measuring cup to measure that specific amount. You can't just use any random cup you have lying around. and a cup is measure of volume, while grams is a measure of mass. so while 1 cup of feathers and one cup of ball bearing have the same volume, the mass will vary greatly so you can't convert a cup to a weight measurement without first knowing what you are measuring.


If you are trying top find out how many grams of carbs/fat/protein are in a cup of a specific food, it is not as simple as weighing it, since (almost) no foods are made up of a single macronutrient, and typically will contain fillers such as water and fiber that don't count. There are a lot of nutrition sites on the web that will help you do these types of conversions, and I understand that there are apps available for some smart phones as well. If you just want to know how much food weighs, however, the scale is the best bet. Grams are simply a metric unit for weight similar to ounces.


Haha, what you said came to me around an hour later when i was explaining to a friend what i wanted to know, so i answered the question myself. Regarding the measuring cup, all of mine are only in ml, i purchased one with the "cup" measurements today anyway so i don't have to use the awkward conversion of 1 cup into ml's.


I miss grade school.


I feel like there are far to many people here who don't know what Google is, or simply don't know how to use it.