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How Many Eggs--Whats Your Breakfast?


Curious to hear everyones AM nutrition plan?

I love breakfast. Cant go without it!

6 eggs ( 3 whole / 3 whites ) 4 strips bacon, whole grain toast, OJ, milk. Bowl of shredded wheat with fruit.


5 whole eggs, 5 strips of bacon, 1oz of full fat cheese and a glass of iced green tea


6 egg whites
2 pieces whole wheat toast
big bowl of oatmeal with some soy milk
lots of water


Small handfull dried blueberries
Apple with almond butter or pear.
2 slices whole grain toast usually with jelly and a little more almond butter.
-2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
-several slices turkey breast
coffee (strong)
animal pak


Bowl of Oats w skimmed milk
2 random pieces of fruit
Protein Shake if im in a hurry or Scrambled eggs/omelette
a cup of Tea/green Tea


Everyday breakfast:
4 XL eggs with spinach and cheese all scrambled up.

Weekends or when I have more time:
4-6 XL egg omlette with all sorts of veggies (tomato, mushroom, spinach, onion, avocado and cheese).


Every weekday:
2 Omega3 eggs
1c whites
4oz ham
3 oz mushrooms
1/2 bag spinach
1oz 2% cheese

1c yogurt
1c mixed fruit
1/2c dry oats

Weekend breakfasts I tend to eat out with my Dad. That's when I get to see him anymore.



I can put it away in terms of eggs. I'll eat the whites of six eggs.


Sometimes I mix it up.
6 egg omelette ( 3 whole, 3 whites ) with spicy cheese and spinach. Damn its great!

Still having a hard time finding omega 3 eggs. Grocery stores around here don't seem to carry them?
They'd be in the dairy section with all the other eggs right?


Same here, basically. Whatever veggies I have around, some cheese, and 4-6 whole eggs. Usually I have that meal later in the day also.



2 cups egg whites
3 handfulls sauted spinach
6 mushrooms
1/2 onion
alot of catsup

4-6 g fish oil
calcium supp
sometimes an apple too

and i weigh 175
pretty lean


4 organic omega 3 egg whites,2 yolks.
All natural oatmeal
2 pieces sprouted grain organic bread
Red apple
one glass of raw milk(or 2)
and some all natural peanut butter.



I've done it at night too. Great P+F meal before bed.

I don't understand why so many people are afraid to eat the whole egg. I see everyone using 2-3 whole eggs and then egg whites. What's the point? Eat the whole damn egg!


4 whole eggs
3 whites
2 slices cheese
small batch of whole wheat pancakes
2 turkey sausages
copious amounts of whole milk/Classic Grow!


Normally im an oatmeal, whey and dried fruit fella but when its eggs its 4-6 eggs depending on how many yolks im using.

I dont believe in wasting yolks, mainly because the protein is digested more optimally when some fats are present. Some times ill bang 2 or 3 in a pancake with some wholegrain flour and whey and have a few of them.

Am hungry now.


I'm glad to see my 4 egg minimum isn't abnormal. People look at me as if I'm going to have a heart attack at any moment.


No doubt folks, I love eggs + the yolks before bed as well...makes a good P and F meal. I also like to have some cottage cheese on the side with some flax and walnuts.


My breakfast today:

*6-egg omelette (w/mushrooms, bell peppers and cheese)
*bowl of oatmeal w/blueberries
*Metabolic Drive shake w/whole milk


Here is how my breakfast has been lately.

2 servings cereal (right now its Rice krispies) with milk of course
1 banana
1 orange juice
200gr skyr (protein)
1 tablespoon lysi (fat)

I like to have something that doesnt take long to prepare and can be eaten in 2 minutes.


2 whole eggs
10 egg whites
1/2 cup oats (at times 1 cup depends on pre-bed meal of night before)
8 oz OJ
1 Animal Pak