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How Many Eggs Do You Eat A Day?


This may win a dumbest thread award, but I'm actually pretty curious.

Egg-whites only don't count. I mean real eggs a day.

I usually eat them six at a time, so some days it's just six, many it's 12, sometimes when I'm extra lazy or broke it's 18. So I probably end up consuming on average 9 eggs a day throughout the year.

That's "a lot" in FDA food pyramid land... I would like to confirm that that's not a lot here...


Three a day.


you're fine. the fda recommendations are out of date for the most part, and they're also taking into account that most people are "couch potatoes" who aren't interested in BBing


It's not a dumb thread, just strange. But whatever interests you is OK.


at least 8 a day, normally more


depends what recipe I use. If I cook an eggs Benedict-type thing, it's 4 whole eggs. If I'm making an omelet, it's 2-3 eggs + 1 cup of egg whites.


for breakfast i had 5 whole eggs and 5 other egg whites. Thats a pretty standard scramble for me. I usually only have eggs once a day though


3 whole eggs in my morning omelet, then maybe 4 eggs whites.
I personally would like more, but my wife is worried about cholesterol because I have high cholesterol inherited from both of my parents. I keep telling her dietary cholesterol is different than blood cholesterol, but she doesn't listen.


3-4 whole eggs and 8-10 egg whites.



I boil them ahead of time and then eat them throughout the day.


Typically one meal of 6 eggs each day.


When I have them it goes from 4-6 for breakfast.


6 to 12+ free range . a friend of mine keeps chickens n i buy all his eggs 100% natrual . raw or fried .


Right now I'm up to 12 a day, and I'm eating 3,500 ish kcal a day. While I progress and I need to eat more and more, I"ll probably end up at ~5,000 kcal a day and 2 dozen eggs. I like eggs...


I had 10 large eggs and 5 slices of braunscheiger this morning (typical)


Steely how many kcals you takkng in a day on average? You're getting pretty big, good stuf.


I've had to take a break from eggs after eating them everyday for 18 months.

Going the next 6 weeks without eggs


I don't know exactly, but I'm guessing somewhere between 3500-5000 daily. That's usually 8-10 eggs per day. 1/4 to 1/3 gallon whole milk or so, 3 shakes of about 50g-60g protein (1 AM, one PreWO, one PostWO, maybe another before bed), 1-2 lb beef or other meat daily (usually steak or rotisserie chicken).

However much cream is in my coffee if I have coffee that day. Maybe some greek yogurt or cottage cheese or Nat PB, or cheese. Sometimes I eat braunsweiger with eggs in teh AM. EVOO when cooking. Sometimes butter in the eggs.

Add in a potato or two or rice or occasional pizza if I'm going "all out" (I've been only eating starchy carbs on weekends the past month or so).

I'm not neurotic about the diet. I try to minimize the junk and try to hit some minimum throughout the day. I can tell by pics and clothes if I'm overdoing one way or the other.


I usually eat 8 whole eggs for breakfast

6 eggs as a snack later in the day

then 10 whole eggs with a quart of milk before bed.

So typical for me, is 24 a day


I'm liking it. Steely, can we get some pics to see how big you've gotten? Are you going to compete one day? You've gotten big my friend