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How Many Eggs Can Be Eaten Safely?


I'm thinking of going on a bulk and bumping up my egg consumption to eight per day. I asked this same question on another the site and they all said that it's dangerous to eat any more than 3-4 eggs per week!

I called bs, but thought I should ask people here who actually know something about nutrition first.


The American College of Sports Medicine, a number of years ago (probably around 1994) did a study on blood lipid profiles of athletes as a function of their egg consumption.

They found no adverse trend with increased egg consumption all the way to the maximum intake of the study, which was 12 eggs per day.

The anti-egg crowd basically is comprised of people who make unwarranted assumptions and feel no need for direct evidence. Actually, not "basically" comprised but entirely comprised.


I'm gonna go with eleventy.




Damn! I've been eating 12.375, does that mean i'm gonna die????


Haha, yeah, I bet you'll be fine. I can tell you that I ate about an average of 10 per day for a period of about four months, and I felt fine. And I'm sure that's nothing compared to what some people put away.

Now that I have more access to meat and dairy, I don't do as much... usually just four or five in a morning omelette.


Eat them until you're dead, then scale back 1.


Ï? eggs


I once saw a guy named Luke eat 50 in one sitting. What a cool guy. Even his hands were cool.


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OP - By safe do you mean farts that only make others gag?

Or are you looking to eat enough eggs where your own brand makes you get up from your desk and walk away?


Damn I haven't seen that movie in too long...

I usually have 4 for breakfast and towards the end of the week as I run out of meat I often have to up that figure to 8 and sometimes 12 - I took 13 the other day.

My gut doesn't respond to eggs very well (bloating, gas etc..) so when I'm in a better situation financially I'm definitely going to cut them out.


I read somewhere that there is no danger of getting high cholesterol from eating eggs.

It's true that eggs CONTAIN cholesterol...but our bodies don't make our cholesterol out of it....we make it from the fats we eat.

So they are completely safe.


Worrying about stuff like this is so trivial, just eat them. I eat 16-18 a day and it's not a problem. Not to mention it's less than $1 for a dozen eggs, hell of a deal. I'd live off em but that would get old really fast hah


except eggs are high in fat so that is kind of a null argument lol


His ability to communicate with 50 eggs in his mouth probably = failure.


Yeh dietary cholesterol has very little effect on your blood cholesterol levels, most of that is affected by saturated fat breakdown, so eating a load of eggs is fine.


As many that fit in your mouth when shewing.


Much of the reason that eggs have previously been deemed, 'bad' was that they contain a good helping of cholesterol. Thing is though, if the body gets a lot of something, it stops/slows down producing it making a diet relatively high in cholesterol have virtually long term no effect on cholesterol levels. Sort of like what happens when you inject test into your body. For a more detailed answer have a look at the studies for yourself.


It was the cereal board in the 1970s that gave eggs their bad reputation. Naturally, eggs were seen as competition to cereal at breakfast, so they carried out some studies but back then they didn't differentiate between good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol, so the studies were basically useless. Eggs can raise good cholesterol, so eating them everyday is fine.


Since you are reading this, no. But this is the number that can be eaten safely, the number at the point of death is significanly greater. Hope this helps.