How Many Eggs a Day?

Just out of curiosity, how many whole eggs do fellow testosterone mammoths eat in an average day?

And the most whole eggs eatin in one day?

My average is 8 a day but today i consumed 16 so far.

I have no clue whole many total in a day but I only average 2-3 whole eggs and that in a 5-6000 k/cal intake LOL


I throw down about 3-4 whole eggs a day… everyday.

My first attempt at bulking is more successful than I expected, and I’m eating only 4 eggs for breakfast daily.

6 on big days, more like 4 on smaller days.

All whole, more eggwhites on top of those numbers above.

12-15 whole eggs Mon-Fri.

I’ve eaten 5 today for lunch.

I’m with Trib in the Anabolic Diet style egg consumption, 12-20 a day.

EDIT: I’m a bad speller

Damn, you guys eat a lot of eggs.

I usually have just two and some egg white, three if im making an omlette or something for breakfast.

Ill try skipping the toast tommorow and just have another egg instead.

Usually 4 whole eggs a day.

Dang that is a lot of eggs!!! I usually go through 2 sometimes 4 full eggs but I throw in quite a few more egg whites…


If you take away the yolks you ain’t left with a lot of egg, better to fuck it all in and get all of that eggy goodness.

I’m doing 5 whole eggs for breakfast and I love it. Scrambled, omlette, whatever!

6 per day…any which way I can cook them…love my omelets though…