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How Many Dose Test Cyp EOD?

Just curious how popular the EOD option is? I see most discussing twice weekly (3.5 days) , but also found some older posts discussing the EOD protocol. Is that old news?

I recently switched from pellets to injections twice weekly, AI at the same time, and HCG EOD. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to have one injection schedule to maintain.

I take my Test Cyp, Anastrozole and HCG EOD. It’s a much easier schedule to maintain. Some months are even days, some months are odd days. Plus I believe it is better for lab work since everything is taken together and you should get labwork halfway between injections.

Im setup with test cyp and adex EOD with hcg every Wednesday because I’m very sensitive/responsive to the hcg.

Twice a week works well for steady levels and AI dosing. hCG needs EOD dosing for its half-life. So when doing T+AI+hCG, doing everything EOD is a good routine. Doing twice a week and EOD is confusing.

So there is a choice, whatever seems easiest for you.

I suggest twice a week to new guys because there is not enough time in my day to have this discussion and I feel that pushing EOD would scare some guys away from that and my advice in general. If they read the stickies, they can take the other road.