How Many Days Should I Take Off?

just wonding how many days after heavy compound excersizes for a month with 2 days off per week, can i afford to take off-days, in case i need to give my body a break. although i dont feel like my body needs a break i heard its good to take 3, even 4 days off sometimes. also want to know how many days after a workout do you grow for.

About as long as you keep eating extra food for.

Lift a minimum of 4 days a week if you want maximum hypertrophy, if you’re gonna take a break is because: 1) you train with unmatchable intensity, like an animal, and time off is needed. This will only be likely under superintensive programs like DC or BFT, where deloadings are part of them. OR 2) you’re just being lazy and selfbullshiting that every 6 weeks you need to deload.

You should have a reason to take days off that would normally be training days. Most programs have scheduled ‘De-Load’/‘Active Rest’ weeks with specific protocol, few if any schedule complete non-workout periods.


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Someone please help me. Just thinking about hard work make me tired and want to take days off.

lol, we get some good threads on this site.

[quote]Goliath wrote:
also want to know how many days after a workout do you grow for.[/quote]

you will grow for 48-56 hours following a workout. If you eat alot of carrotz, you can bump this up to about 72 hours.

okay cool thanks alot guys. even with the sarcasm which is pretty jokes it does give me a kick in the balls to train harder than everyone else in the gym

and i thought that was considered a legit question… haha