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How Many Cycles?


How many cycles have you done? How old are you? How long do you think you will use AAS? Thanks


Cycles: lost count
Age: 29 going on 30
How long Planning on continuing? plan to compet for 1 or 2 more years after this year. Following that will stop using AAS more or less - just for hrt if needed.


Too many, i am in my mid thirties and used off and on mostly on for the last 10 or 12 years. i am now on a HRT protocol for life, once you are out of the "scene" it kind of sucks to realize you have to be on something for life to maintain any decent testosterone level. Some may not experience this and i hope they don't but i am betting anyone with extensive usage will find they never fully recover without some help.

At my biggest i was close to 300 pounds (290), i can maintain about 260 now on just HRT which is good, but it is funny, once you get off the sauce it seems like it does not really matter as much anymore. Now i am mostly concerned about my long term mental and physical health.


None yet. Maybe none at all. Stories like those from morepain do make you think, though I'm not saying steroid use can't be approached intelligently.



Can you say for sure that your natural test level wouldn't have dropped anyway?

I'm now 35 and have been juicing since I was 23, but obviously I'm concerned that the same may happen to me. Off-cycle my test levels have always been normal (so far), but I would hate to think that the next cycle could be the catalyst to low test production.

Morepain, do you know if there has been any research been done on permanent test suppression as a consequence of AAS?



If you have bounced back reliably so far you will probably be fine, i screwed up and stayed on far too long without breaks, who knows i may even be able to recover eventually but it may takes years, i can't live that way that long. There is definetely a such thing as permanent supression though.


Im 30 and am currently on my 6th cycle. I did 2 cycles when I was 20 and 21 (1st cyles was just primo at like 200mg/wk...what a waist and the 2nd was 50mg of Anadrol a day for 6 weeks...I grew like a beast) but i retained nothing because I was just a dumb kid and had no idea how to properly use AAS and how to properly come off. I also did a deca only cycle when I was 24.

I finally smartened up and when I started it up again at 29 I have had excellent results. I keep my cycles pretty light and short (8 weeks max) since I still want to have kids and I only use it when peaking for a meet (powerlifting) to aid in recovery. I really plan to use it for as long as I continue to powerlift.

Do you guys think that long term use (10+ years) but with short cycles (6-8 weeks) and with proper time off bettween I would be able to maintain my natural test production in the long run?


As I don't compete in BB I don't constantly cycle. I have one big cycle a year purely for my own enjoyment (though it does help with my martial arts!) I will use short maintenance cycles if I feel i need them, but normally the 'big one' is more than enough.

Did you compete in BB?


i do some strongman stuff locally just for fun, funny thing is i am actually stronger now than before i got off the heavy gear


I'm 35 and I've been cycling for the last 2 years. I think I'm on my 5th cycle.

How long will I use??? Good question. I work all body parts but I have a goal of having an 18" pipe without being "on". After that I may come off, but then again I said that when I just wanted to hit 17".



Seriously, I'm not trying to flame anyone or start an argument. I AM curious about what I'm reading here. I am fascinated by the so-called "dark side" but will probably never delve into it myself. One of the reasons I suppress the burning urge to "get bigger" with steroids is that there is a pretty common bit of advice NOT to try them until you have maxed out your natural capacity for growth.

I cannot claim that those who have already posted on this thread are representative of the steroid-using community at large, but here's what I see so far:

  1. 29 years old and "lost count" of cycles
  2. "mid thirties and used off and on mostly on for the last 10 or 12 years"
  3. "juicing since I was 23"
  4. "30 and am currently on my 6th cycle. I did 2 cycles when I was 20 and 21"
  5. "35 and I've been cycling for the last 2 years"

4 our of 5 seem to have started in their early 20s. Did you all "max out" your natural growing capacity by then? Do you subscribe to this philosophy? Do you feel it's okay to do a cycle at whatever stage in your progress, assuming you are doing it intelligently and not destroying your endocrine system?

I'm interested in your answers.


I've been training since 1985. By the time I tried AASs I had been training for 7 years, four of them seriously. I felt that I had reached my genetic potential at that point. Now this was 1992. There was no internet, and information was disseminated by word of mouth, heresay and shit Wieder magazines. Now if I had had the information then, that I have now, I probably would have been able to train naturally for another three or four years before reaching my true genetic threshold.

Any of the young steroid newbies that post here get the same advice; Don't do steroids until you've reached your full potential. Jesus half the kids that are posting here don't have a clue what the hell they're doing. And that is why this forum is so important. It's not heresay (though there are still some fuckwits out there who post and don't have a clue). Guys like Bushy, Morepain, Test, Wideguy, Anthony Roberts, Prisoner 22, etc will all back up any claims they make with solid research information. If none is availible they'll relate their own experiences, so that people can draw there own conclusions, and make valid informed judgements about how they want to approach their training.

We're not having a pissing contest on this forum, it's a support network for like-minded individuals.




P.S. Come over to the Dark Side young padawan!!!!


i probably did not, as was stated back then there was no good information around. You just took whatever you could get. My advice to anyone considering it now is to try all non-hormonal pathways at your disposal first. A guy can get pretty jacked on cutting adge supplements such as those produced by Biotest. I firmly believe the biggest reasons i have been able to maintain most of my size are:
lots of Biotest protein, lots of fish oil, creatine, and heavy compound full body workouts.


Around 7-8


Wasn't at my genetic potential, however that whole idea seems debateable to me.

I'm 26 now and have tried most AAS. I'm no longer interested in drol, dbol, winny, or anything other harsh orals. From now on it's strictly compounds like var, test, tren, primo, masteron, eq, and maybe npp. I'll probably keep up with 1-2 cycles a year till I'm in my 30's. After that I'll most likely see how eligible I am for HRT and see if I can get a script for hgh and test. Assuming that works out, I'll probably add a something like primo or var around the summer for looking purdy because I'm vain.


I am 41. My first cycle was last May. I am on my third cycle right now.

Did I hit my natural genetic peak? Probably not. Most likely I left my genetic peak sitting at a bar somewhere in the late 80's

My goals are to be 250 pounds at less than 10%BF. AAS helps close the gap between being 20-something and spewing testosterone frome every pore, and a sedantary middle aged accountant with a pipe dream.

What I did not know before starting test was how much I would absolutely love it - or how much of a difference it would make in my personal life.

I will likely never come off. I see no real need to as long as I get healthy reports from my physicals/blood work.


I would say that VERY few people who use or have used steroids have come close to maxing out their natural growing capacity. I'm not saying that's a bad thing-I pass no judgment on it one way or the other. But, from what I've observed, it seems to be true.


Rainjack, you're a poet man. LMAO.


been cycling for 26 months.

current age 29.

3 cycles of 8-12 weeks with test E as the base, and an oral jumpstart.

5 "shorties" of 3-6 weeks in duration....prop/tren, prop/d-bol, prop/drol, prop/masteron, prop/npp/d-bol

total of 104 weeks since i started....been on for 56 weeks total.

relatively light to moderate doses for all.

plan on doing one more long cycle this summer (20 weeker). then taking an extended break. will do short 2-3 week maintenance cycles with fast acting gear after that......at least that is the plan.


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have yet to do a cycle

currently 26 (nearly 27)

225lbs and about 17% bf

not at my genetic potential yet but getting impatient to give it a go. i work a lot of hours and have too much money from all those extra hours but not much time to train.

i will likely do a cycle soon of primo and winny. fairly low doses and only 8 weeks to see how i will react to it. i assume i will not stop at one cycle. the next one will prob be test stacked with deca, tren, or EQ.

I was always against juice until i starter reading up on it and realized most of what i knew was BS that gets peddled by the media but has little or no basis in fact. i hear some of the crazy shit that comes from newbies to this site and it makes me glad this site exists to help educate them before they add to those misleading statistics.