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How Many Cycles Before Tren?

Going on my first cycle I wanna do Tren my second should I wait for more experience or can I do it my second cycle!

Some experienced guys don’t even want to try tren and that speaks for itself

Why I heard the only really bad side effect is the mental affect rage!

Also high prolactin issues which can cause ED, Tren dick is a thing … I personally would never take Tren I just think that there are other better compounds to choose from, it can also wreck your sleep and make you feel shitty most of the time which is not what I would want out of a cycle

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Yah but I also heard Tren can give you srs sex drive with hard erections and Deca dick can mess with your arteries which can cause long term to permanent Ed coming from doctor!

Tren cough, tren-somnia & a possibility of tren dick. Tren was never ever approved for human consumption pharmaceutically so that should give you some idea, it was designed to only be used in cattle so it’s for animals! Also from my understanding it shuts you down your natural test super hard. It’s your decision to weight out your marbles on a scale. Tren is a hardcore bodybuilding gear and should be used as such, it doesn’t sound like you plan to compete so I’d steer clear for your own health and well being, that’s my 2 cents. Especially for your second cycle

I wanted to run Tren so bad for years myself. It does sound enticing when you hear people calling it “Nectar of the Gods” and then I came to my senses and realized that I should run safer compounds

I dont subscribe to the belief of " you should run only test for first 4 cycles" or “wait til your 8th cycle to run tren”

I think a lot depends on where you are physically and mentally. How well you understand the steroid your going to use and how well you understand the potential risk.

Some people handle tren great I personally have less negative side effects on tren then I do high levels of testosterone. Some people run tren and are literally never the same it’s unfortunately a gamble we take when we use compounds like that.

As for you tho just from the little you have said you are no where near the level of understanding or education to use a compound like tren. Wether you are physically can’t be judged without pictures.

I like tren a lot! I have been running it once a year for the past few years. I think it should be the last compound anyone tries. Chances are you can get to your goals without it so why risk all the side effects? We consider deca hormone roulette but tren is the one that can really damage you.

This ideally what I would wanna look like!

I suspect he’s on Tren and test Olympic wrestler

Bro between this and your will ass square my jaw post you need to stay as far away from steroids as possible.


Just by asking this question you are not ready for tren. Your physique is nowhere near “good enough and I don’t have to see it to say that.

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bench 4 plates + deadlift 6 before u consider

I deadlift 6 bench 2 at 235 pounds

Personally I find it unlikely that an Olympic Wrestler is using Tren. From my knowledge Tren is not the go-to drug used by athletes it’s a hardcore bodybuilding drug.

I think you need to do more research. I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours reasearching & reading before I was comfortable enough to administer myself with gear. Even after all the reading and in-depth understandings I’m still no expert! Some of these guys on this site probably have a way greater understanding of hormones than your average Doctor.

Learn to crawl before you run!

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What do you think a Olympic wrestler is using?

Food and training. Give it a try


If you only press 2 plates you have a poverty bench in terms of serious lifting. You are not at the level to use any gear. -Read 10 Jim Wendler articles

Obnoxious comment!

it’s a 19 nor so you are have a chance of getting tren dick, rage, night sweats, increased blood pressure, acne, SEVERE hair loss if predisposed, destroys your cardio, and trensomnia. I’m going to do Tren the first time next spring for contest prep, and I have a few buddies who are pros. I have seen first hand so many of these symptoms so be careful. For reference, i’ve done 4 cycles and my stats are 230 at abt 10% 6ft. My first advice is if you’re going to hop on tren your second cycle you need to educate yourself more. You don’t need harsh drugs to receive good results, and you have zero knowledge of the side effects you might get from just test alone because you havn’t even done a cycle yet. Seriously, so many noobie bodybuilders want to hop on tren because it’s seen to work miracles, but it actually doesn’t. It only seems that way because the people who usually do tren are more experienced and have been seriously bodybuilding for a while. I gained like 10lbs of straight mass and lost body fat on my first test only cycle. I was 205 shredded before touching gear. Now i’m well aware you are going to do gear, and this forum is to ensure you do it in the best and safest way possible. With this being said don’t do tren your second cycle. Do something like NPP, deca, dbol, anavar etc.Figure out what your body responds to and what sides you get from each. Add in one compound at a time, and make sure you aren’t overdosing because taken for instance a gram of test in comparison to 500mg on your first cycle is going to yield the exact same results, but with less sides. If you remember this youre golden. Be smart dude. You don’t want to be 40 with severe health issues because you wanted to look good fast and used too much gear.