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How Many Cycles Before Noticeable Change in Aesthetics?


I’m on my 3rd cycle currently. Running 16 weeks of or testosterone E (500mg), masteron (500mg), Dbol
And Clen. My body has always been soft, I have some loose skin around my Chest, my arms have always been soft and so has my abdominals! I’ve run my cycles concurrently with powerlifting and bodybuilding programs. My diet is pretty solid. I weigh 204 at 6ft but I just can’t achieve that lean aesthetic that most guys on gear have gotten. I’ve been training consistently for over 7 years and yet still here we are. Any advice? Anyone deal with this??

Loose skin? From weight loss. I would say your diet is not solid if you are having trouble getting lean. Try a keto diet. It is difficult but it helped me get to 10% bf previously.

Here’s a pic for reference. My issue isn’t really weight lost. I just can’t seem to lean out much. My body fat is around 13% but not a whole lot muscle, vascularity etc.

This is a direct contradiction. Leaning out is weight loss.

Something is off with either your diet, training or both. 3 long cycles like that and you should have significantly more muscle unless you started severely underweight.


I don’t think that’s 13% my man, probably closer to 16


I hover around 200 to 207. This morning I’m 203. I take in 5 meals a day with each meals consisting of 30g of protein, and my carb and fat intake depends on if it’s a training day or rest day. I guess at this point I’ll have to increase my protein intake maybe? I’m still perplexed just as you are. After such long cycles I was expecting a much much different result. I’ve been an athlete all throughout high school and college yet this was always the case. In my 30s now and My body has always been this fn soft. I have seen very very slight improvements but not much. I’ll give it a try for another 2 cycle and then I think I’ll just be done with it at this point.

I’d put you at 16-18% bf. You don’t have loose skin on your chest. Probably just fat that your thinking is skin. In my opinion you are eating too little protein and probably alot of carbs and fat. Are you really going hard at the gym? Any Cardio?


I train 5x a week. I do sprints:cardio 3x and weights 5x. The program that I follow right now is a high volume body building program split into upper and lower. The rep scheme and compounds changes every 5weeks. It’s a 15 week program that I paired with the cycle.

That’s a solid 20% BF. Maybe more. I’m about 16-18 and I measure electronically and caliper. We could throw numbers out all days but the only thing that matters is your own satisfaction with how you look. What have all your cycles looked like? Do you eat/drink binge at all? Barring the worst genetics you should have leaned out more from your own description of diet and exercise.


I think the lighting terrible… Not 20%, what I find unfathomable is that he’s on 500mg test, 500mg mast, dbol (heavy fucking cycle) AND clen… And STILL can’t get lean

I hope OP is working out at home, going out now would be immensely inconsiderate… Long viral latency period equates to potentially infecting others whilst asymptomatic, the elderly in particular are at risk. Unfortunately it appears many don’t appear to care.

Something people breaching quarantine fills me with irritability.

Maybe all the cycles have been mostly bunk gear? All from one source?


And that’s the issue. I have horrible fn genetics hence why I HAD to get on a cycle. I can’t binge eat even if I wanted to due to GI issues so I tend to eat right for the most part, however yes I do enjoy my whiskey though I DONT get drunk.

I found liss Cardio to be more effective to burn fat. Maybe try that and do it daily. Makes a huge difference. I see you have a decent routine but are you training hard. To failure. Most people feel a touch of a burn and stop there. Gotta get that fire burning in them. It’s the best part.

That’s what I was thinking too. I think I’m gonna switch the person I get them from. My friend who is a doctor told me the products made in the US are probably not the highest quality! He recommends me getting them somewhere in Brazil. I’ve used the same guy for all 3 cycles.

At least with testosterone you can get a blood test to verify. Have you done that? You can get a test were you send in a blood sample and they can give you hormone levels. No need to go to the doctor for a blood test with the Covid-19 virus.

Pretty sure the Anavar I was on was significantly under dosed, something else, or nothing at all. It happens.

I don’t buy this, if you want to use gear… Fine, so long as you’re aware of the risks. But don’t say that you HAD to hop on cycle. With enough hard work and dedication, even those with the worst of generics can look like they lift…

And if you’re on dbol… Stop drinking entirely. You wouldn’t drink and take Tylenol (acetominophen), so don’t drink on c17AA AAS.


I’m very much so quarantined. I have equipments at home so I’ve been training there. I’m NOT fucking around with that. Expect I did have to get a physical so I had to go to the Dr.

I was told the cycle is actually moderate. This is the split

  • I inject 1ml once a week (every Monday morning) of Test E for the full 16 week
  • I do dbol for first 5 weeks only, however i only took a 20mg oral tablet once a day So it was about 720mg total. I stopped it before starting masteron.
  • The First 5 weeks of my cycle I don’t do Masteron, then I would inject 2ml of mast with 1ml of Test En for rest of cycle then I back off for 16 weeks. ( I do same time on and same time off as per the person who wrote me the program).
  • Clen I micro-dosed and only took it every other day so I didn’t get any side effect what so ever.
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Moderate is debatable, you’re on a gram of gear per week. I don’t represent the avg steroid user but my heaviest cycle was 350mg/wk, and that only lasted about 3-4 weeks (well heaviest was for 2 wks, 250mg test 20mg dbol followed by the other 3-4 wks)

I managed to get some decent size from that. I’ve got pics from before Europe where I lost all of my gains… You don’t need grams of gear to get decent results, esp if you’re a novice/new to using gear.

20mg dbol isn’t a mild dose, it’s enough to fuck up you’re cholesterol (for most), high enough to exert hepatotoxicity etc. Personally, I blow up on 20mg dbol in as little as 5 days. Last time I used it for 2 wks I put on and kept 2kg… Whilst appearing every so slightly leaner.

Many of these “cycle coaches” know very little about gear/the pharmacodynamics of the drugs they tell their clients to use. Sometimes I feel as if these coaches give clients a false sense of security, as one might percieve higher dosages to be safe because “he/she told me to use it”. Furthermore I also believe coaches should be held accountable when one of their clients dies at like 30 from fatal arrythmia, myocardial infarction etc… Many of these people appear to have complete disregard for the health of their clients and/or will give them whatever it takes to earn a reputation for pumping out winners and thus attract new clientele

Yes I did that. I sent it to the person who wrote me the cycle and he said everything looked fine. I had the blood test done during my physical

The doctor did not have anything to say about your testosterone levels? That should be a major red flag for most doctors?

What was the level with ranges?