How Many Cycles and For How Long Do You Bulk Then Cut?

This is a question for those who have been doing cycles for years. How many cycles and for how long do you bulk then cut? And are there compounds you use for both bulking and cutting?

I could make some suggestions and I am sure you will receive some very specific formulas that others will recommend, but instead I will just tell you what I did.

I wanted to compete in bodybuilding contests and entered my first one in November 1970, having no idea what to expect. I had taken no AAS’s. I started taking 10mg a Dianabol for 4 week cycles (off and on) and entered the same show in 1971.

So, it is obvious I was cutting for every show. I didn’t go on what most would consider a “bulking” phase. I went on what I called a muscle building phase, where I was maintaining I reasonable amount of muscle separation, so that I could get in the best shape I knew how back then in 8 weeks.

From then on I competed in at least two shows a year until my last show in 1997.

IMO, it doesn’t matter how long you bulk before you cut. Some AAS’s retain more water than others, but your diet and training (cardio) can overcome (to a point) even to the worst ones for cutting.

Your question begs another question: What is the purpose for the cutting?


I was thinking something along these lines, but you said it perfectly.

Don’t dirty bulk and you won’t have to cut.

I don’t say that to sound like a dick, but rather I want you to do it the “easier” way. I spent years bulking and cutting (never correctly) and I have recently hired a nutritionist. She has helped me realize that basically there’s no need to bulk then cut, if you just eat clean enough and a small enough surplus to just put on lean mass.

Many people on here may come across as holier than thou, but I think most everyone on here is just trying save you from wasting time and making the same mistakes they did


Thanks. I may just consider that, I’ve been “recomping” & calorie/carb cycling at the moment (I’m off cycle) and I’m on the fence whether to stay on this diet plan if I get back on cycle.

At some point you will absolutely need to diet because insulin sensitivity will diminish, when that is is hard to say. You can mitigate that for a while with GDA’s and Metformin but dieting is inevitable.

You mean my insulin sensitivity will diminish if I don’t get back on cycle? I’ve never heard of GDA and Metformin, what are they?

Also, I’m “dieting” per se. I’m off cycle and I’ve been trying to recomp with a calorie/carb-cycling diet, so dunno what you meant by that,

I’ll preface this by saying I prioritize strength over size/aesthetics. So what I do is….

I cycle on either moderate test (300-400/wk) or moderate Test + moderate NPP, until weights in compound exercises stop going up. I know when it’s time to come off because normally more food=more weight on the bar. When this stops working, I know it’s time to drop down to less than 300/wk Test only, drop calories to maintenance, and back off the heavy weights for a while. This usually occurs after about 12-14 weeks on.

If it’s summer time, I know I’ll be shirtless a lot. so I back down to 150-200Test/wk because I get embarrassing backne on anything higher than that.

If it’s not summer, I cruise around 300/wk or so Test because i know I won’t be shirtless and I feel best at that dose. I’ll cruise until body fat drops a little, joint soreness goes away, any injuries heal up, sleep improves, and my overall sense of well-being is better. This takes 2-3 months or so. I may cruise a little longer than that if I know my clinic is going to hit me up for labs soon.

After I feel good overall, and labs come back good, I hop back on.

@Professor_Hulk so you cruise on around 300 and blast on the same, just adding NPP?
How is your labwork on a cruise? Is it perfect? I mean, do you believe you can be on 300 forever?

I am cruising on 290mg atm and just wondering if it isnt too much.
Was planning on cruising at 290mg and double that for a blast(just conveniece sake 0,5ml E3D and then 1ml E3D) after a few months. But most people here cruise on much less.

Maybe I should have been more clear.
If it’s shirtless season, I’ll cruise on 150 because I look drier and have no acne at that dose.
If it’s not summer, I’ll cruise on 300 because I feel really good at that dose.
For blasts, I will either go up to 385-400T, or I will run 300T + 300 NPP. I don’t go above 400T because I always feel like shit that high. I’m running 350T/350NPP at the moment. So far, so good, minimal sides, but only one week in.

No it’s not. HDL is below range. hemo and HCT are usually at top of range or slightly over, depending on when I donated last. SHBG is always low. Otherwise, all other markers good.

Probably not. But I plan to keep doing it until I can’t anymore because it’s where I feel best.

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