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How Many Chin-ups? Good Routines?

I am interested in how many chin ups people can do. I am really focusing on increasing this. My max now is 8 which I know is weak compared to many of you.

Also I would be interested in seeing your chin up routines. Do you do as many as possible in a certain number of sets? Do you break it down into 5 sets of 5 and then increase the reps or sets when needed.


I did 15 today, perfect form until the last 2.

If you’re looking to increase endurance, do 4 sets of max 4 times a week.

I can do 22 on my first set when I am fresh, then it usually goes to like 16, 15, 15, 12 with 65 sec rest… worked my way up to this though. 6 months ago I could do zero. Now I am doing them weighted (+ 10 pounds) and hitting the 8-10 range.

I did them on back days only, but trained back every 3rd day.

I can do 8 on the first set, then around 5 and 4 on the next 2 sets. I do them on deadlift day and alternate with pullups. Good form means starting from a dead hang to putting your chin above the bar.

Im not sure about chinups, but pullups with a wide grip I can get 12 (13 on a good day).

But I have been stuck at this rep range for years now.

Right now I am stuck at 28. I can do 10x3s, 4x8s or 6x5s and I always have a problem with the 29th and 30th rep. Max chins at one time is 15. Max pull ups is 10.

damn, you are all kings and queens for chins and pulls.
anyone ever compare a weighted vest to a dip belt?

In my high school freshman pe class, I could not do a single pullup. I got marked down for half on the pe test. That was 7 years ago. My goal now is to do 15 for 3 sets.

When I got here to Djibouti in March, I couldn’t do any. Now I could do 4. I do a chinup vaiation one upper body day, a pullup variation the other. On each day, I do 4 sets of max reps with a monster mini band: right now 4 reps per set, the band just allows me to not kip. Then I do 4 sets of max reps with an average band for reps: right now 8 reps per set.

Of course, I do one bicep and one rowing exercise for assistance each of those days, and I’m gaining about a rep every three weeks since I started using the bands in July.

Waaaay back in high school, I could do 30 straight chins, and 40 dips.

Today, I can get 17 straight chins.

I do 5 sets. First set with 25 lbs, 12 reps. Second with 30 lb., 10, then 8 reps. Then with 35 lb., 7 and 7 reps. That was yesterday. Working toward 12 reps with all weights. I think once you can do about 12 reps, you’ll gain faster if you add weights.

I can do 10 or 11 for most hand positions (pronated, supinated, parallel grips, V-handle, sternum chins), but only 8 for wide-grip. I can do 3 or 4 with 35 lbs on a weight belt. A year and a half ago I could do none at all. Progress has slowed, though.

My new gym has a chin/dip station with grips that are at an angle between normal and parallel, spaced fairly close, and angled up a bit from level. It’s my new favorite grip. It feels comfortable and works great for sternum chins.

The last time I went full effort at the beginning of a workout I hit 22, followed by 17, then 15, at a bodyweight of about 192.

I can do 8~ with a 45 pound plate attached, at a bodyweight of 202.

I just started doing them every day, one set as many as I could, whenever I was near the weight room. I worked my way up from 3 to 25, then decided to start playing with factors.

There are all sorts of rep patterns one can follow, so I just try different ones on different days, alternate chin-up days and pull-up days, or do a max set or a set of ten between sets of other exercises.

About a year ago I started adding weight. I could do a bunch with 10 lbs, and decided to see how heavy I could go after a few weeks. I worked my way up to two reps, clean form, with 90 lbs attached to me. My goal was 100 lbs by the end of the school year, but giving blood took the energy out of me for a bit, and I didn’t make it.

I’ve rediscovered rock climbing, and all the time I spent doing them is justified, as it gives me a huge advantage and ability that most other people I climb with don’t have.

I miss weighing 120 pounds. In 8th grade I did 36 at school.

Haven’t done bodyweight for a long time.

For improving your numbers, I’d recommend doing heavy (weighted) triples at least once a week with a focus on increasing the weight. You can do bodyweight chins at a higher rep range afterwards, on a separate day or drop them altogether for a while if you’ve been doing them for a long time already.

The weighted chins won’t yield a 100% carry-over to the number of bodyweight chins you are able to do, but they will feel much easier and my numbers went up pretty quickly after doing them consistently for a few weeks again.

I worked my way up til I could do at least 8 with good form for 3/4 sets, then I started adding weight and did 5x5, then 6x4, then 7x3, and started it again with more weight.

[quote]bones864 wrote:
damn, you are all kings and queens for chins and pulls.
anyone ever compare a weighted vest to a dip belt?[/quote]

As far as I know, the weighted vests only go up to 100 pounds of additional weight. If you aren’t pretty heavy yourself, you’ll probably want something that allows you to add more weight in the medium term.

I didn’t try the vest myself, but experimented with a backpack full of plates. Apart from the issue with holding capacity, the movement with the dip belt feels better to me.

I can do about 20 straight chins. I do chins/pullups twice a week: One day I do weighted chins for 4-8 sets of 3-5 reps, one day I do explosive ones like clapping pullups (there are many types of ballistic pullups both easy and hard ones) and regular (unweighted) chins/pullups for reps. I think if your goal is to proficient at chin-ups, this is a solid program, if your main goal is to build your back, you should try something else (of course chins will build your back, but for bodybuilding purposes another program would provide greater short-term benefits).

I can do 9 pronate pull-ups, 11-12 supinate chin-ups.

I’m going to switch to 7 reps for 3-4 sets pronate only, when I hit 8 for 4 sets, I’m going to go wide grip pull-ups, those are much harder.