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How Many Carbs?

Every talks about 1/1.5g of carbs per lb of body weight,but more importantly how much carbs


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thats what I was going to say.

[quote]mystro wrote:
Every talks about 1/1.5g of carbs per lb of body weight,but more importantly how much carbs[/quote]


look i started a thread tonite so i better be productive. sure 1.5g per body weight. if you focus on this shit too much you will hinder yourself.

eventally you just compute shit, 2 slices of whole wheat bread 24g. apple 13-26g size dependent. oats 27g per half cup dry. you start figuring this shit out and eating in accordance w/ your needs.

eat a lot of protein and carbs, if you get really fat your doing it wrong. if you don’t grow, you’re doing it wrong. try to eat healthy carbs, that said, the glycemic white vs brown stuff is still a bit suspect for me. some folks can take in white potatoes, for example, and grow, others get a fat ass. i think it’s more work related than carb related. just don’t too many foods you see fat people eating, simple. but, but sometimes you need to eat til it hurts and beyond to grow. youjust gotta know.

that above shit is a whole “nother” topic though. for your sake eat, lift, look in the mirror but don’t let looking in mirror and the scale drive you crazy like it has the rest of us.

i just ate pasta now i’m going to go puke it up!!!

[quote]mystro wrote:
Every talks about 1/1.5g of carbs per lb of body weight,but more importantly how much carbs[/quote]

Do not skimp…

…on decimal places.

It’s 1.00003400034035303000345 to 1.514343535367834323452623323542 grams per lb bw

Well the range I’ve seen work for people on this site are 30-600g/day. So you should be somewhere in there…probably.

Who’s everyone?

It really depends on your goals, current body composition and how you deal with carbs as an individual.

I buy into the 100g a day is more than enough for people not actively trying to gain weight or engaging in intense, glycogen-depleting anaerobic activities.

In my diet, everything stays pretty much the same day to day except my level of carb intake, which is adjusted for my activity level.

It depends on your goals and carbohydrate tolerance

Some guys here do better with low low carbs whilst gaining like an AD approach - or also a timed carbohydrate aproach

Im dieting on over 300g carb a day and Im losing a lot faster then I would with low carbs and higher fat
so i would use a lot of them.


It depends on the individual. Personally, I’d start lower and slowly increase as your body gets acclimated. It also is very bodyweight dependent, body fat dependent, depends on whether or not you’re natural/using etc…there are many factors that go into how many carbs you should be taking in for optimal gains…it’s pretty much impossible to just say “1.5 x 1lb bw.”

For example, when I was gaining weight prior to my contest diet, I maxed out around 550-600 grams of carbs/day and wasn’t getting too fat…I slowly reached this number after starting around 350 and increasing weekly, every two weeks etc…I think it’s best to start low and slowly ramp them up as that will best allow your body to get used to them and it will also allow you to best understand how you handle them.