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How Many Carbs When Gaining Weight?

Hello guys. I wonder how many carbs are you eating a day when you are trying to gain weight. I am little bit confused. I try to eat 300-400g a day and rest of my calories come from fat (180-200g). But i think it is too much and I don’t want to increase carbs. But still can’t gain weight. Carbs are pain for me, I feel sleepy after them.

Ok, so if you are eating 400 g of carbs (1600 calories) and 200 grams of fat (1800 calories) this is 3400 calories. Quite a bit for most people, but I don’t know your age and weight and weight-gaining goals. Also, you are neglecting another macronutrient that is considered important for those attempting to build and repair muscle: it’s called protein.

Yes, a an overload of carbs will make you sleepy. I find it better to eat more carbs around my workouts and at the end of the day. A big plate of pasta midday is definitely not something I intentionally do very often for this very reason.

29 years, 201 cm, 87kg. Very skinny and I have problem gain weight, protein around 0.8 - 1.1g per lbs. Job a waiter
I eat 120g C for breakfast, 100g for lunch and 180 for dinner.
Just wanted to know what’s you guys do.

Hi, I´m in a similar situation. Can you show us a “full day of eating” what and how much you eat at every meal!?

Didn’t want this info getting lost. Dude’s crazy tall, which means there’s a lot of real estate to fill in.

Pretty much everyone does due to insulin levels. That’s why you shouldn’t ever just have carbs. Always have a quality protein source when you eat.

Like trucker said, seeing what you actually eat in a day will give us more info. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

I’m guessing this means you’re walking a lot for 6+ hours a day, most days of the week? That’s definitely a factor in your overall calorie expenditure. What’s your training like - days, exercises, sets, and reps?

It’s possible to bulk up while restricting carbs, you just need to be that much more on point with the rest of your nutrition. This explains a few ways to set it up: