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How Many Carbs to Lose Weight?

how many carbc some u eat when trying to lose weight . would it be like 50 on day i did not work out and maybe a 100 on the days that i do .thanks for the help

3 grams per pound of your bodyweight. Guys who eat only 50 grams of carbs a day are pro-bodybuilders trying to get super-ripped for contests. If you try living on only 50 grams a day, you will be miserable.

Less than 30g/day.

Truthfully, there’s no magic number that somehow will allow you to drop fat at an optimal rate if you go under. Many people do great low-carbing it. Some people can’t oxidize fats as a fuel source, and have a horrible, horrible time. It really depends on your physiology.

I consume 65 - 70g of carbs on non-training days and ca. 190g of carbs on training days but the last word is not said. I try to get the above and below border of my carbs so it will maybe change.

But there rules i follow: Carbs only in the morning, pre and post workout. No high number of fat with carbs.

The number of carbs, like Otep said, it`s not a magical one. You have to try how much carbs you can eat on the days and on the same time you loosing weight. I think the article will help you.

100g per day is, in my experience, low enough to start cutting, and you can generally avoid going ketogenic on that. Less than 50 will help you cut a bit faster, and less than 30 even more so, though you’ll probably want to supplement with glutmine or have a clean refeed day if you get that low.

[quote]cynical kane wrote:
Whatever your metabolism supports. There is no magic number of carbs, fat and protien that has ideal results for a large diversity of genetics and metabolism.[/quote]

Your avatar makes me lol every time I see it. Thought you should know.

[quote]Bartleby83 wrote:
But there rules i follow: Carbs only in the morning, pre and post workout. No high number of fat with carbs.[/quote]

Agreed! Do you guys count green veggies when you talk about carbs? Personally if it’s a green veggie I don’t count it as carbs. One reason being cause of them being mostly fiber, but also because if you did count them you’d eat way too few veggies! I like to eat some fruit PWO and sometimes in the morning. Grappler’s Guide anyone??

I don`t count veggies into my amount of carbs, because of the reason you mentioned.

I don’t count veggies into my carb or calorie intake.
I eat as much brocolli/aspargus as i want.

You really need to consider a lot of variables when determining how many carbs you need. Each person is different, so one may lose weight on more carbs than someone else. Also, types of carbs can have a big difference.

In order to get better information, you need to include a lot more information. How much are you working out? What are you doing when you work out? What is your weight and body fat percentage? Do you gain weight easily or not? Are you under a lot of stress? How many carbs are your currently eating and are you gaining or losing muscle and/or fat? All these variables will play a part in how many carbs you need. You may be looking for a simple answer. To be honest, there really isn’t one. You will need to do some experimentation to find out what works for your body.

I would suggest using the search feature and type in carbs. Choose the option where you just search the articles rather than the entire website. Read up on the topic and then set up a diet based on what you have learned. Keep records and see how your body reacts. Then, adjust as needed.

around 70.

imo ive learnt though that the most important thing for cutting really low is that you start off with a high metabolism and try to keep it as high as possible. if you start with 70 grams of carbs when you have 20% body fat even if you go down to 0 i highly doubt it will be fat that you’ll be losing even if you eat 500 grams of protein and make PRs on heavy weights every time

I’m in a similar situation to you, I’m terrible at counting calories and even adding up the amount of carbs I eat in a day.

I just stick away from anything with too many carbs in until my post-workout.

But to lose weight, the general rule in my opinion is lower the amount of calories you have in a day, so yeah lower your carbs take carbs out of a few of your meals in a day maybe?

Well generally speeking the higher the body fat the less well you can tolerate carbs! If your really overwheight limit your carbs to only vegies and the few that are found in nuts during your non workout days. On your workout days do the same thing until your post workout shake! get a good 50 grams of dextrose or maltodextrine in to you as soon as the last weight hits the rack.

Once you get leaner youl be able to start reintroducing carbs into your diet! In the forms of oatmeal and brown rice and foods like that!

Hope that helps a little!

I dont count calories or carbs but make the effort to not eat any stodgy carbs as part of my meals apart from breakfast.

Rice, Potatoes, pasta and noodles are all treated as a treat meals nowadays. And even then its post workout…

I see pretty dramatic results in short time frames once I get my diet head on (once it falls off again my weight balloons along with my belly)

1.) It is always different per person.
2.) 50g of carbs won’t make your miserable
3.) I’m going on 150/24g on training/non-training (respectively)
4.) Instead of getting ripped, you could try staying at your bodyweight and adding muscle. Everyone wants to loose weight to get ripped; that’s only 1 way of getting ripped. Just a thought.

I am one a low carb diet now to make weight for a boxing match, so I can give you a lowdown like our fellow comrades on this post.

I don’t count calories and such, for someone like me I don’t have the patience for it. I do however follow a rigorous diet and have been able to go from 17%BF to 9%BF in the last few months without an exhorbanate amount of supplements.

Bread = Starch. Try and cut out the starchy stuff, my diet consists of a fair amount of lean meats, veggies, cheeses, fruits, etc. Your fat intake (the good fats) should increase a bit: consume more fish oil, olive oil, safflower and flaxseed oil. Animal fats on your meats is also a good substitute for the energy carbs give you. Think of it as switching from unleaded to premium fuel.

In conjunction with this, look at how you train in the gym. Any High Intensity Interval Training? Go do some sprint rounds on the treadmill or the stairs, do cardio circuit training - do 6 to 8 different exercises without taking a break.

If you hate cardio, lift heavy with fewer reps. Big, compound movements like overhead squats, clean and jerk, etc. will melt off the poundage.

Hope this helped bro. Kick ass

I got my best results when I kept my carbs at <100g per day. Really the only non-vegetable carbs I took in where from Surge or Natural PB/Almonds.

im think about going with something like 1g protein times body weight, and 50g of carbs of nonwork out days and a 100 on work out days. im not sure about the good fats

im think about going with something like 1g protein times body weight, and 50g of carbs of nonwork out days and a 100 on work out days. im not sure about the good fats

Search function?

Theres more dietary information than you could possibly hope to digest on this site, just pick the parts you feel are relevant to your schedule and goals