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How Many Carbs Pre-Workout?


So, the big thing now seems to be "para-workout" nutrition and binging up on carbs pre-workout. CT now recommends over 200 grams of carbs pre workout for the hard gainers.

I normally just have some fruit or vegetables with my protein, which equals to about 20g of carbs according to Fitday. Sometimes I may add a huge glass of milk. Even with that, I am shy of 50g carbs.

Having followed CT for a while, I have to question this huge philosophy change. Your thoughts? What do YOU do for carbs pre-workout?

(I do eat alot more carbs post workout)


okay...you've followed CT for a while? and you only have carbs from fruit or vegetables, or some milk? I'm pretty sure for over 10 years Thibs has been recommending large servings of sugary, high glycemic carbs, like that of SURGE. In fact, the entire bodybuilding world has been recommending that for quite some time. Even Charles Poliquin, the true anti carb man himself, recommends sugary carbs post workout.


I advise buying John Berardi's "From Scrawny to Brawny" the nutrition information is sound and profound. You will enjoy it and learn very much.




Personally, while trying to add muscle I eat (drink, I have a pre-workout shake) about 80-100 grams of carbs 20-30mins pre-workout. I also have a meal with about 100 grams of carbs 90 mins prior if that means anything. I then have the same shake PWO. Then I eat a meal of 100 grams of carbs 60 mins after that shake.

You're not going to get a set in stone answer for this question. We all have different calorie needs and train differently. Try it out and see how it works for you. You might like it or you might not. Let us know.


I eat around 4000 calories from meats, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, nuts, oil, sardines, chocolate milk...

Have I been living under a rock and missing on big gains by not adding large servings of sugary, high glycemic carbs PRE WORKOUT???????????


Maybe, go find out.


I know JB advises against carbs pre workout as they can spike insulin too much, resulting in hypoglycemia and leave you feeling tired for a workout. If you do have carbs, complex carbs seem to be the way to go, with some rice, pototoes, or oats pre-workout. During and post workout sugary carbs are the name of the game, as you want to spike insulin to begin the anabolic recovery process. Then an hour after that, shoot for starchy complex carbs again to replenish liver glycogen.


Good stuff.

Yea I might be on the low side for carbs before workout then.


Yea, see this is more what I've been hearing and doing myself for the last two years. Thanks. Still curious what others are doing.


I'd be one bloated POS eating 200g of carbs preworkout. Post workout I easily top that if not more but not pre-workout. I eat around 60-80g pre-workout.