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How Many Carbs for a High Carb/Low Fat Bulking Plan?


I want to know a thing…when you want to bulk on a low fat diet…7g/kg of carbs is enough for a natural guy? i know the numbers are between 5 - 7g/kg…i know is different for everyone ( metabolism, daily activities, how tall you are, lean, etc)…but you can go more than 7g/kg ? in muscle i know you can store 500 g of glycogen and in the liver about 100 g

Why low fat? Any reason?

There is no ‘daily amount of carbs’ to be known in this regard, so you can’t know it.

If you want to bulk, you need to take in surplus calories; somewhere between 15-20x BW in lbs is a good starting number for an active young male. (Adjust up or down as necessary.) If you want to build muscle, you must ensure adequate protein intake. Opinions vary, but somewhere around 1 gm/lb BW/d is reasonable. If you consume the bulk of this protein in the form of animal sources, you will acquire the trivial-but-vital amount of fat your body requires. Take in the rest of your caloric allotment in the form of carbs, and Voila! you’re on a high-carb/low-fat bulking plan.



How many fibers do you guys get in a day? and from what foods? apart from oats

Don’t overthink it. Unless you have been instructed to do so by your physician, you needn’t worry about monitoring fiber intake. Just eat real food, and you’ll be fine.

I don’t know a single person who tracks their fiber daily.

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ok i understand…but fibers are good for digestion…you need them to have good digestion if you eat a lots of food

yes. So eat fiber. It doesn’t mean you need to track it, haha. If you think you aren’t getting enough, take a fiber supplement.

Honestly if you’re eating oats regularly, you’re probably just fine. The only people who should be looking more closely at fiber intake are people who eat almost no fiber, or are having significant digestive issues that are caused by low fiber.

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I imagine the high fiber craze came about as a result of the abysmal diet of many modern American “adults”. You can find people that eat zero vegetables in a month and their primary nutrition source is fast food and stuff that comes out of a box. Those folks definitely need some fiber in their diet. But just as you said: if you’re actually making an effort to eat well, it should take care of itself.

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Not to be pedantic, but that’s not true. Many people do better with a low or even a no fiber diet. Not saying to stop eating fiber, but it is highly individual. If something is giving you gas/bloating/diarrhea/constipation, you don’t need to keep eating it because on average it’s good for people. You aren’t the average, you are an individual person.

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Can someone explain how CBL works? How many days of low carbs and high… and in the low days you guys keep the protein higher? or same as in the high days?

Are you referring to the carb load right before a show?

I’ll let you in on the secrete of dieting. People worry and fuss and calculate and fret over the perfect place to start. The secrete is that the starting place is almost inconsequential. Being successful in a diet is all about continuous small adjustments. I could give you the absolute, to a T, perfect diet for your current state and goals and preferences right now and it wouldn’t make you successful because as you change (your goals, your stress, your age, your strength, your body comp, your weight) the perfect diet doesn’t stay perfect. In 2 weeks or a month you’ll need to make changes. Keep an eye on your strength, the mirror, the scale, your energy levels and make adjustments if those things are going the wrong way (keep in mind that you can’t pursue all goals at the same time). People fail because they want the simple list of things to do, but life doesn’t work that way. It takes consistent attention and thought. It’s not supper hard or complicated but it isn’t a one time decision.

My advice. Don’t go off the deep end with changing everything you are doing to make the perfect diet. Start where you are. Make a couple small changes in the direction that interests you and slowly figure out what works for you (where you are making progress, AND still enjoying your lifestyle). If you want low fat/high carb, start tweaking your meals by adding in a few more carbs and cutting out some of the fat. Want to try carb back loading? Keep eating all the same food you are, but start moving the carbs to the last meal of the day.

Picking the perfect everything day 1 is a lot like planning a trip to Disneyworld by spending hours using a compass minutely aiming your car in the precise direction of Orlando and then hitting the gas. You do need to know the general direction you’re heading, but you have to focus first on staying on the road. And remember, there are a million different ways to get there and some side roads might be worth the trip even if they aren’t the most efficient.


Jesus Christ dude. Unless you’re a highly competitive athlete, you don’t need ANY of this stuff. Stop making it so damn complicated. Just eat good food, and not too much of it.