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How many Canucks?

I live in Halifax , Nova Scotia. Duff, what part of Nova Scotia?

I’m in Ottawa @ Carleton U. Surprised to see a couple other Ottawa people here.

Oh, and Rich: Medium Double Doubles are for pussies. Real T-Men drink Extra Large Black. :slight_smile:

Hey grooveless…I’m a Master’s student at Ottawa U. I would be interested in possibly hooking up for a workout. I get free VIP passes to the Florida Fitness gyms and I have the keys to a gym 25min East of Ottawa (can go at any time!) so I’m sure one of these would work this summer.

Hey I am a proud Canadian from Quesnel B.C and I read the forum and articles everyday, to help with my training. This is absolutely the best website around eh!

You lucky bastard!! You have keys to a gym and can go anytime. That would be so usefull!! I come home middle of april so anytime after that would be cool. I am definetly down for a workout. I noticed a couple other guys from Ottawa as well so maybe we can all get in on the action. Hopefully we can come up with some way to exchange info through T-mag soon enough.
:slight_smile: Groove

Damn, all these Ottawa U folk and not a single Carleton? Hmm… T-Man brotherhood takes precedence over school rivalries… right? :slight_smile:

But seriously, I’m up for a workout with anyone who isn’t a retard like 99.9% of the people who train here!

Hello fellow Canucks,

I’m from Sherbrooke, Quebec. (I guess you could have guess it by my name! :0) )

Nice to see we’re more than a handfull.

I am from wonderful nad exotic thunder bay

Winnipeg. Currently 40 below with the windchill. Lucky me.

I’m from Truro, but right now I’m attending STFX in antigonish.
Do ya work out in the Dalplex or do go to the new gym that was built over the summer? i don’t remember the name of it but it was open 24/7 and looked pretty cool.
Anyway it’s cool to see that they are at least a couple people from the maritimes that use the forum.

Cool, alot of Canadians on this board.

Me too!

I go to the Goodlife in the Rideau Centre. What is the Florida Fitness like downtown?? I think its on Albert St. I mean what is the crowd and equipment like there. Yeah I know, I should get off my butt and see myself but I thought I’d ask you anyway.

Any one go to Whistler snowboarding?

So your an X-men are ya? Say hey to Dennis McPhee for me (head football coach out there). You guys will win a national championship with him in the next few years.

yep I’m an X-man. I’ve even got the ring to prove it.

There’s been a big improvement team lately but I’m not too confedient in the football team. It’s nothing angainst the team but we need a few more really good seasons before i’ll get hyped up for 'em.

Just outta curiousity where do (did) ya attend university? And next time I go to the Oland Center during regular hours I’ll stop by Dennis for you.

Hi guys, I’m from trois-rivieres, Quebec.


I really don’t know about that. They way they downsize the cups regularly pretty soon we’ll be doing shots of coffee.

Vancouver, BC, the Starbucks capital of Canada, although the Timmy Ho’s is becoming a little more popular. Been with T-mag since about issue #10. CR.

I’m a U of Guelph alumni and have actually never been to Antigonish. In fact other than being born in Wabash, Labrador, I’ve haven’t spent much time out east. Dennis was my coach at Guelph before going to the Hamilton Ticats and than on to St. FX. I have several other connections to St. FX in the form of X-men graduate friends. I’m actually planning a trip out there this summer on my motorcycle to see Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It’s a trip long over due and one I’m really looking forward to.

Was just out in Whistler about a month ago for business and there was only four runs open. As it was my first trip out there I was very dissapointed I did’nt get to ski or board. I still had fun though and Whistler is one beautiful place. My cousin’s an avalanche control/ski patrol out there, so I will be heading back soon.