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How many Canucks?

I’m just curious as to how many Canucks come to the T-forum regularily. Who are ya and where in Canada are ya from?

Another Canuk here! From just outside Ottawa Ontario.

I am me and I come from Ottawa, but am living in lethbridge for the school year.

:slight_smile: Groove

Sheesh, doesn’t look like to many Canadian’s around these parts.
I’m from Calgary Alberta.

Well I post by my first name and am from Nova Scotia.

Out on the west coast in Vancouver. Originally from ‘wonderful’ Thunder Bay, ON

Windsor, Ontario

I’m from Toronto, but go to school in Ottawa.

First of all to Reef. Do you go to Ottawa or Carleton or Algonquin?? Are you going to be in Ottawa over the summer break at all or are you going home for summer?

To lakonia, where near Ottawa do you live? east or West of Ottawa?? I don;t have a workout partner while I am at school and I will be in Ottawa for the summer and it would be a treat to have a t-man or men to workout with.

Guys, We should set up a meeting in Ottawa during the summer. Let me know if you are interested.

:slight_smile: Groove

I think on the forum it’s widely known that…I…AM…CANADIAN!!!. Sorry the beer ads are like brainwashing in Canada(Incase any of the fine Americans on here didn’t get that one). I’m in Ontario. Haven’t been to regulary on here lately. Ciao. :slight_smile:

I’m also originally from the Ottawa area, but moved to T.O during high school. I now reside just west of T.O. Let me know if you Ottawa guys meet up in the summer. I’m still down there quite often visiting family. I could time it up to coinside with any get together.

Sounds good magnus. I am often in toronto as most of my friends now attend U of T, so if I am down that way I will let you know as well.

:slight_smile: Groove

Originally from the sticks north o’ Kingston Ontario, currently in Montreal.

SPBM. Stupid long handle.

Hey guys I’m from London Ontario

Hey Groove,

I go to Ottawa U. I live in Sandy Hill. I’m gonna basically be wherever I get a job - either Ottawa or T.O. Sounds like a good idea still.

Prince BC.

Calgary, Alberta here

Vancouver here. There must be at least a few guys from out west on this forum.

Iam from Saint John, N.B. CANADA. Down and around the Maritime’s eh?..Anyone wanna go to TIMMY’S for a Medium Double Double? (Tim Horton’s humour)