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How Many Cans of Tuna a Day?


(I did a search) I have heard that you shouldn't eat more then 1 can of tuna a day as it is high in mercury, would it be ok if I had 5-7 (the cans of tuna are 12oz) a week? Also can someone cite me some health websitethat says this, if it is this way?



I'm also wondering about this. I love my canned tuna/salmon/mackerel but all that mercury shit is stopping me from gorging on canned shit.


I've been eating 3 cans a day of the WalMart shit (so you know it ain't quality) for quite a while now and haven't noticed any hair falling out or appendages being grown.



Here are a few articles that I found, I'll keep looking.


Well, first of all, eating tuna is generally questionable. It's very bad ecologically since tuna are dying out.

When I was a teenager, I had 6 cans A DAY. Cheap protein.

However, a well known consumer protection organizatino here in Switzerland analyzed approximately a dozen diffrent canned tuna brands. They found that 75% of the tested brands did contain far too much mercury.
E.g., only half a can of Albacore-Tuna A WEEK contains 160% of the mercury the FDA states to be harmless.

I wouldn't eat tuna. If you do, do it either once a week or make sure you get a certified lab analysis of the tuna of your choice to find out how much ercury it contains.


Bump for justice.


Eating this much of anything over time could lead to an intolerance or even a full blown allergic reaction to the food. This doesn't mean it 100% will happen to you, but there is a chance. Get some variety.


I think someone wrote an article with a question about this in there, and said for the purposes of bodybuilding it's not really something we need to worry about.

That statement can be taken to extremes but I think it's from one of the "Question of Nutrition" series.


Wait till you get in your fifties.