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How Many Can YOU Kill with the Swine Flu?


I posted this game in another thread, but me thinks it was overlooked. You can create your own disease and try to kill the entire worlds population.


Take it slow or countries will close their borders, airports, and shipyards and then the disease cannot travel there.

How many people can YOU kill with the Swine Flu?!


Everyone but fucking India.


me fucking japan and madagascar. My virus is immune to vaccines, promotes hearth and kidney failure...(soon to select liver failure). It's like 99% of the whole earth population is infected. Those bloody japs and people from madagascar....



All but madagascar. My virus was real sneaky too. Did nothing but cause a fever. Then 70 days into the outbreak massive heart failure.


I have 0 healthy... EVERYONE infected just waitin for more evo points to up cold and moisture4.... only hit em wit heart failure once the whole world was infected... damn Im cruel.... Thanx Way this is the shit!!


Everyone's doing what to India? That's some sort of pandemic you got goin on!!


I managed to get everybody except Madagascar. I just got people infected but with very little symptoms. After most of the earth was infected I got heart failure and a few other doozies. Then they all just died.


I'm following a trend- Madagascar people (Madagascarians ???) are preventive fuckers. Hmmmm will take some time before we figure out how to kill these bastards...if only the pandemic starts from there....


lol i c what u did yonder


everybody but madagascar, again.



Oh god, if the German newspapers etc find out about this, all computer games will get banned over here the very next day.


killed the whole world
started as a cough then had hemorrhaging, heart failure, and kidney failure with resistance to everything. world wasn't able to make a vaccine, it said infinite days till vaccine completion.



My first game wasn't too successful (virus, got Russia, Europe, Middle East and China) but I tried it a second time around with a stealthy fever parasite. Managed to infect basically the whole world and then spring Hypersensitivity on them and kill off a couple million within a day or two. Goddamn Japan closed their borders, airports and shipyards when the symptoms were still nonlethal.


madagascar is always the most difficult. They do not have an airport, only a port and they are isolated from all land. Sometimes you can get lucky and start in Madagascar and then it's GG!




Madagascar was the only survivor. You win this time...


Infected everyone including madagascar. Everybody is infected EVERYONE. But fucking hospitals are open and trying to find a vaccine....it's basically a race against time. I think I wont make it to the higher tier 'symptoms' to kill the fuckers.....grrr. Bdw Choose Parasite and 'Rodent' ONLY in the beginning and all tier 1 resistanced (moisture etc) AND ALL DRUGS RESISTANCES to infect madagascar. When you done it select the other resistances tiers, wait till everone is infected and BAM Heart failure..that's my theory...


Update: I just selected hearth failure. Every one is infected, i mean EVERYONE. MUHAHAHAHHA



Damn this game makes me feel all evil and shit.


:smiley: HELL YEAHHH!


haha nice job bicep. Btw have an of you figured out exactly what the earthquakes/riots/droughts and shit do? Just it just make it easier to infect that area?