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How Many Cals to Grow?


I was reading through Ian King's Book Of Muscle last night and found that I would need to get 2500 kals to grow. I found an artcile on here that said I need 2336 to grow.

Would it be best to keep doing what I am doing (2336k daily) for a few more week than in the crouse of 2 weeks bump it up to 2500 daily calories?

It seem pretty opbvious that this is best but I want to do evertying right this time around.

My stats right now are 5'6 130# and 14% body fat. Down from 180# and 30%BF. I have a long way to go and still a lot to learn but I do not plan on having to cut again untill I get bak to 180 pounds.



Don’t get too anal about it. Just eat as much as you can without gaining more fat than muscle.


The simplest method to grow is this.

Eat good clean foods with lots of lean protein and healthy fats.

Take current calories add 500.
Try for a week.

If not successful, take new current calories, add 500.
Try for a week.


Caloric needs will vary emensly between individuals, don’t worry too much about the numbers, just eat, lift, sleep, repeat until you start to grow, then continue.


I am only 4 week into my first “bulk” and I noticed growth in my triceps and my quads, possibly becasue I like weighted dips and squats more than anything else and also becasue I am squatting alot right now on 5x5. I will stick with 2336 for now and check evertyhing next monday.