How many Cals should I eat?

Hi guys. I’m about 1 week into the BBB 3 month challenge, and I’m liking it so far! I know Jim recommends a certain diet for the program, he doesn’t specify exact caloric amounts but instead basically gives you an example of a day of the kind of eating you should be doing (which is a pretty good amount of food) Boring But Big 3-Month Challenge check it out here

So I’m Obviously not just going to eat the same thing day after day after day so I want to know for a guy who’s 17, 6 foot, and around 172 pounds, how much should I be eating on this program to gain some weight? (hopefully mostly muscle) What about the protein? I’ve been tracking my calories for about a month and I usually eat around 3500 cals a day with around 210-230 grams of protein.

Also, once I fill in my daily required protein, does it matter if I get the rest of my cals from mostly fat? Or should I shoot for carbs instead?

Are you currently gaining weight at 3500cals? If so, stick with what you’re doing

RE macro splits, it’s generally recommended that:

  1. You hit your protein goals
  2. You get ~20-25% of your total cals from fat
  3. You get the rest of your cals from carbs

Experiment. I feel and perform better with mostly carbs, a lot of others do better mostly fats.

I wouldn’t let fats get much lower than about .3g per lbs or an absolute minimum of 50g for long; they’re critical for hormone production and vitamin absorption.