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How Many Calories?

Hey guys, i’ve got quick question for ya. I’m about 5,9 and weigh about 244 and i need to lose a “little” weight as you can probably tell. Anyway im just not sure how many calories i need to consume in order to lose weight while maintaing as much muscle as possible. I guess a little background info is in order ummm… i am pretty sure that i am an “easy gainer.” I was lucky in that i came out of the womb with a barrel chest and sideburns, at least thats what my mom tells me. My measurments are: neck-16, chest-48, arms-18, thighs-28, and calves-17 and a 38-waist(im so ashamed). I’ve been training for about 3 years now (1.5 serious) and am now trying out the
t-dawg 2.0, my current calorie intake is about 2400 calories. I am also supplementing with low-carb grow, flaxseed oil, prolab creatine, and a nightly zma. Any and all info, opinions, or critiques would be appreciated. (If needed i will work on supplying a pic)

Check out the formula provided in the Look Good Nekid II article from Berardi. That will help determine a good intake level and even takes into account your daily activity level.

There are several ways of determining your maintenance calorie requirement. Once you find this number, you don’t want to go more than 20% below it. From what you have described, I would guess that 2400 is a bit low, but may not be too far off. If you find yourself losing more than 1.5lbs per week you should increase your calories by about 250. You need to be really careful tracking and measuring your food until you get everything worked out.

HOT-ROX has worked for me at preserving muscle and reducing fat.