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How Many Calories

Hello Everybody!

I?m on the T-dawg 2.0 diet, that is working pretty well for me. My concern is am I eating enough, because I feel hungry all the time, even right after a meal…

I?m 185 lbs, 5?11, 18%bodyfat.

I eat 1950-2000 calories/day, 230g protein, 100g carbs, 50g fat.

My workout includes weight training every second day and intervall running every second day.

I have a slow metabolism.

Should I eat more?



Simple answer: yes!

However, it’s tough to tell someone exactly what calories to eat no matter if bulking, cutting, or maintaining. But, I mos def think your net cals are WAY too low! 2000 minus your workout bout, say 400 cals = 1600! I calculate an approx maint. cal need of 2400-2500, so you aren’t eating enough food to preserve LBM and you might start drooling at the site of your pet!

Question? Do you have an idea of how many cals you were consuming when you were just maintaining your weight? Since you are increasing your exercise from cardio and lifting, that along will make a significant dent in your calorie needs for the day, so you don’t have to cut back on eating as much as you might think. If you know your maint. cals, simply subtract 500-700 a day by a combination of diet and exercise.

Hopefully you have an idea of your maint. cal needs. If not, I would use this to help find a good starting place. Based on a helpful formula I have found here on T-Nation and my professional training, you take your LBM (151) X as your basic protein needs in grams, X 4 cals per gram = 2400-2500 calories (for a slower metabolism). This is approx your maint. cal needs. If you want to loose a pound per week, subtract 500 cals from this = 1900-2000. This is you calorie net. Therefore, you can do one of three things. 1, eat 1900 cals per day, with no exercise. 2, eat about 2200 per day, burning 300 per workout. Or, eat 2400 per day, but burn 500 cals per workout (or some combination that get’s you a net of 1900-2000 cals). Make sense?

This is only a starting place, but according to this calculation, if you choose #2 or 3, you will be able to eat more calories which will help you avoid losing LBM and starving to death!

BTW, on the T-Dawg diet, try eating closer to 50 grams of carbs in the AM on non-lifting days. On lifting days, 50 in the AM, 50 PWO, but always low-glycemic since your BF is higher.

Hope this helps,


Um hard to say. You are cutting so you should not expect to be full. Thats just part of it but not STARVING.

You will be your best judge. You the mirror, gym operformance and the scale. If you are losing more than two lbs a week than yes eat more you are risking LBM, unless you are VERY overfat, or taking precautions such as some type of AAS/Pro steriod. Or doing the Velocity Diet.

I would say a good starting point is 500 below your usual maint. level to start. Then adjust from there as you go.

The hunger can also be thwarted off by your food choices. Long lasting protein, meats, cottage cheese, Grow!, etc, LOTS of veggeies high in fiber low in k/cals, and good fats.

It is a great diet. Just adjust the level as it fits you. Judge your progress off of the way you look, clothes fit, gym performance, and last scale weight. It is possible to lose some fat while not losing scale weight to a point.

Hope all this blabbing helps,