How Many Calories to Drop Fat?

I am about to start a new program i put together but the only problem is i can't quite figure out how many calories i should be eating to drop some fat. my stats are

17 yrs
175 lbs

My weekly workouts go like this:

i do a full body workout using weights heavy enough to let me do 4 sets of 12 reps then a cardio session that includes 3 miles and a cooldown which last about 30 min.

i am doing the 100 reps program by CW.
50 push ups
50 pullups
I also do abs and about 45 min cardio.

so i was thinking that daily i would consume about 2400 calories and about 120 maybe 150g of carbohydrates would this be ideal or to little calories ?

How much were you eating before? And what kind of workout did you do?

well before i didn’t really keep track of what i ate but it was healthy no fast food or white breads. workout wise i always ran about 3 miles a day and when i lifted it was 4 day wrokout consisting of 2 body parts on monday and tuesday and i body part on thursday and friday, but i was not always strict i would miss a couple of days of lifting and once in a while i wouldn’t do cardio


You are 5’10" and 170 lbs; I think you should cut back on the running thing and spend more time lifting heavy shit. When you aren’t lifting heavy shit you should be lifting a fork.

The fat will come off.
The muscle will come on.

Hard to tell you with what you gave us. Easiest answer is less than prior but not a ton like 250-500 a day I wouldnt do anything drastic at you height/weight your pretty small.

a good estimate for me seesm to be 16 x BW the subtract 250-500 start there and see what happens adjust as needed. No equation is spot on and has to be tweeked to fit EVERY individual.