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How Many Calories is Too Much for a Cut?


In another thread I mention that I'm cutting 500 calories per day average from my diet. I feel like 500/day with 2 or 3 incline walking sessions per week added in should do the trick.

Obviously the goal with a cut is to put yourself in caloric deficit....but people were making it sound like eliminating 500 calories isn't really a cut...if this is the case, how many calories/day do you guys typically eliminate from your diet during cuts?


It depends on how big you are, and how fast you want to cut.

Anything less than 500 cal a day net caloric deficit might be too small to be useful, and perhaps even wiped out by any mistakes in measuring food or calorie burn (unless you're a tiny woman, in which case 500 cal may be a ton of calories).


However many calories it takes for you to not lose weight.


I dont have extensive experience with cutting, but i'm dieting right now and it's going fairly well so i'll outline what i'm doing.
It's basically Palumbo's diet (or at least the guidelines). I based my cals off of what I think my LBM might be, and did 1.5g protein and .6g fat per pound. Carbs under 40g. Brought me to 2,400 a day. Still experimenting with my refeeds/cheats, but that is once a week.

I was gaining on roughly 3600ish, i'm assuming (don't know for sure since I never kept track, just adjusted as I went along). I went down to 3200 at first and didnt lose anything. Went down some more and still nothing. Then I said screw it and went with the guidelines and started dropping 1-2 lb a week.

Training was DC + 4 morning fasted cardio sessions a week. 2.5 weeks ago I switched to the yates 3-way with 3-4 cardio sessions. ECA 2x/day

Lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks so far.

So, I ended up dropping cals a large amount while keeping training exactly the same. My strength has continued to increase on almost everything so I know i'm not wasting muscle.

Lots and lots of ways to go about this. This is just my present experience.


I thought your supposed to cut 500 calories a week.


no. Then you'd only lose a pound every 1.5 months.


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Firstly you don't drop by 500kcal per day. You reduce by 500kcals and stay at that until you plateau again (in theory). So 500kcals per week or so is sensible.

Yes, of course you would have a 500kcal deficit on any one day, but not daily.

If you dropped 500kcals a day, then from a maintenance of 3000kcals you would be at 0kcal by the end of the week!

Secondly it is NOT the case that you WILL drop 1lb of fat by reducing 3500kcals. Yes, it is true that 1lb of fat = 3500kcals, but it is NOT true that weight loss and weight gain is linear. At all.

To answer the OP's question; The amount of calories that is too much to cut on is simply the amount you do not lose weigh at! (as stated above IIRC)

As a good guideline, then around 10-15% below maintenance (or AMR) is a good level to reduce by.

It is vital when counting calories to know what your LBM is - an educated guess being the minimum you require.
I am not saying it is vital to know this to lose or gain weight - just when counting calories.



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do you have a link to the palumbo article?