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How Many Calories Do You Eat Per Day?

Hi, iam just curious how much did u eat by day ? For stay in the same weight ?

Iam 28 year, 180 height, 74 kilo for 3700~ but i still gain weight if i don’t works with this amount

I can maintain my weight at around 2200-2400 which is pretty low compared to what I read others say, That’s at 5’9" and 183 lbs w/14% BF and a pretty rigorous weight training regimen of 4 days/wk. Other than that I am pretty sedentary (retired), and I am a senior if that matters. I’ve always had a slower metabolism though.

I probably average about 3000>> 3500…some days much more than that. I’m 36, 6ft 6 & weigh around 307lbs

I’ve seen discussions concerning caloric intake with OP in other threads, but I’m glad you posted that you’re averaging less food than him and you weigh literally twice what he does.


Is crazy how metabolism are so different, why some metabolism are faster and other slow ? Only a genetic reason…

Dr Jade Teta has some pretty cool articles on this site regarding metabolism that changed the way I thought about many things.

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Thank i will check that

Haven’t counted in 3 years, I have no idea :man_shrugging:

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I am 5’11” and 200. I can’t lose any weight until I’m consistently at 2000 calories, and even that might not be low enough.

On the other hand, I don’t seem to gain weight until I’m well over 2500 - I appear to have a broad range of homeostasis

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I just don’t know about evolution of human being, some people have a faster metabolism and some people slow. Maybe because in some country they need to keep fat for survive and other they need to be more " skinny " for keep a good endurance and survive. Iam not a scientific, just i was curious to understand this things.

Is crazy how that can be different for each peoples. I was really skinny when i was young, 180cm for 56 kilo for a long time, smoke and alcohol don’t help also.
So for me that wasn’t so easy to get 73/75 kilo but with a clean life that was ok. Just i need to eat 3500/3700 for this weight :joy: i will waiting for growth that my metabolism calm down and stay to this amount whatever happen, i will check with the ramadan how much i will loose… Aha

@TrainForPain 200 Oo, u look also shredded, do u have a training log ? That i can see your body

Aldebaran, u have also a good body, some peoples dont need to counted, even for me, now i know how ~ but, if i don’t do that before ago, that was impossible to gain weight and to be regular

When i was drinking, party i was loosing so faster, that was crazy

Be careful with your English there :laughing::laughing:


ahaha damn, i say something strange ? i guess that when peoples read me here, they can laught easily ^^", i really don’t have for the moment the opportunité to talk and so on, so is a bit hard, thank anna for your advice hehe

I never count calories, but seem to be pretty consistent with food choices. When I did a rough calculation, it was around 2800 on a weekday, and usually one day each weekend I go pretty far over.

not strange, strangely inappropriate when taken out of context

Asking to see someone’s body is usually taken as a proposition for hooking up

To answer your original question: I’m currently eating around 1700kcal/day and seem to be gaining weight.
I used to be able to eat “1900-2000” without gaining weight and the actual amount was probably quite a bit more since I wasn’t tracking portions correctly and eating a lot more processed foods

I don’t and never did track non starchy, low sugar veggies (cauliflower, asparagus, greens…)


and ur size weight actually ? 1700 kcal and gaining weight is good, cheap aha

hooking up ahaha never no, shit ^^

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Good point. Except I love food too much :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s not so much that I’m hungry eating this much, it’s that less = less leeway ie eating out

Somethime iam lazy to eat or to cook for eat😥 but when someone cook for me🤤

And what’s your goal ? To gaining how much ?

Going on 36 myself.

technically, the goal is to get healthy, no number.

Right, and gaining weight is in harmony with be healthy ?

@T3hPwnisher some people don’t need to count how much they eat, but for some of them, that help. U can’t build a house without plan ~ in the beginning. If I don’t count personally is difficult to gaining weight but now i know when i eat more or not but still count help fo not “cheating” or forget to keep doing