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how many calories do i need to take in daily?

I’m currently taking in about 2400. That’s about 1120 protein and 1020 carbs. I talked to my professor and he said that I need to be taking in 65% carbs and 20% protein to be healthy. He also stated that an excess of protein is hard on the kidneys and liver.

If I’m taking in 3500 calories, that’s about 585 carb grams and 175 protein grams per day.
That sounds rediculous. If I follow his formula, I would get about 1000 carb grams per day if I wanted to take in 300 g or protein. What do I do?

Also, for someone that is 5 6’ and 135lbs (female), how many calories does this person need. (She works out with me(lifts 4 times a week and cardio twice a week))

Search T-mag. Do some reading. Don’t listen to your professor. Also, nobody “needs” to take in a specified amount of calories. What are your goals?

Next time you ask your professor for advice, ask him to remove his head from his ass first. If he still subscribes to the food pyramid (designed, in part, by the US Dept of Agriculture… hmmm, I wonder why so much bread is recommended??) and the all-fat-is-bad mantra, I wouldn’t listen to a damn thing he says. First order of business for you is to go the the T-mag home page and click on the FAQ section and start reading. Then start reading the back issues. Eventually, you’ll know enough about diet and exercise that you won’t need people like your professor.