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How Many Calories Do I Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

I want to lose weight preferably quickly whilst losing as little muscle as possible.
I am just under 260lb . How many calories should I normally eat ? Do I et tge the calories of a much smaller man (which I want to be ) say 75-80kg for a healthy bw as I fairly short.

I have improved my diet a bit with some tips from the guys here so thanks.

Pick one. Lose weight slowly, keep muscle. Lose weight fast, lose muscle. That’s pretty much how it works.

Start by cleaning up your diet: no soft drinks, no fast food, no takeaway, no processed stuff. Eat more veggies of all colours. That’ll help a ton.

Next step is to slightly reduce your calories from what you’re eating, maybe by 200 cal/day. When that stops working (10 days no weight loss), drop another 200 cal/day, etc. Once you get to the point where your abs start poking out, any further drops would be 100 cal/day and start adding extra cardio (something like 30 minutes low intensity). At this point also make sure you never go under bodyweight in pounds x 11 per day in calories.

This is a great article for macros and the like

Now that’s a good article. Thanks markko

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