How Many Calories Do I Need? -Diet Planning

i always feel like crap when I cut. And I think its because I Dont have my calories right.
Would someone be able to tell how much calories I need?

Age24, 6’3, 245lbs, 14%bf, 30mins of light cardio and 1nhalfhours of intense weightlifting(highvolume)
Deskjob/standing 8hours. Free time reading/relaxing/recovering. My workouts leave me drained. 2 days off a week.

I was 3200cals but was hurting pretty bad.

IMO…in the 3,200-3,400 calories per day sounds like a good starting point. Why don’t you check again and post the specific daily breakdown…how many grams per day of protein, carbs., and fat.

It was 277p/163c/160f

[quote]JayOsler wrote:
It was 277p/163c/160f[/quote]

You can likely do as well or better with more carbs and less protein.

I agree with Blue Collar for a starting point of 3200 to 3400 kcals. Then increase intake slightly, see how you feel and if your leanness remains.