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How Many Calories Burned Weight Lifting?


I just wanted a bit of help or advice. I am 18, I weight 128lb at approximately 18% of body fat. I am really interested how much could I burn during a weight lifting session. Mu heart rate is bit elevated, I do 5 sets of 10 reps and it is hard to finish them. I rest about 1 minute between sets even excercises. I do as much as I can during 1 hour. Can I estimate some way how much do I burn during workouts. Any suggestions?


how tall are you? I honestly don't think you should worry about how many calories you burn during lifting and should instead eat a burger or 10


Reduce your volume. Ok no, read more, and then post a better question in the beginner's forum.


I'm 180cm. I wanted to know that because I want to build some musle and I want to male sure I eat enough calories, meaning some over maintence and I want to male sure to replace even those I burmed during working out:)


I didn't mean to insult you with a dumb question, I was just looking for some help among experienced people:( my bet


Why are you resting for such short periods between sets? Don't worry about how many calories you burn doing X just eat an amount of food that allows you to gain weight and strength at a reasonable rate.


I was looking for this number as a calculation: 8000Kj - what I was eatimg before for maintence + 1000Kj surpulus + what I burned on workout days. And that is the number I don't know and was really trying to find it out, but nowhere on the interned I found satusfying answer:( so Gave it a try between people who know a lot.


Your arms... I hate you, lol.




When you say kj when talking nutrition and physiology, you are overthinking it.

You may not have found a 'satisfying answer' since you are asking the completely wrong questions.


I don't really get some of the semi-insulting replies this guy's getting. Talking about kilojoules is "overthinking" it??? You know that's just a measure of energy, the same as kilocalorie, or calorie, right?

The guy is a rank beginner simply trying to figure out how many calories he should eat to grow based on the common model of "maintenance + surplus."

I realize a lot of people don't like to count calories at all, but it can be helpful especially for a beginner who really has no idea what he ought to be doing. I know it helped me!

To the op, depending on your size here's what I would do. Pick a round number like 3000, 3500, or 4000 and try to develop a diet that hits that number. Since it sounds like you're pretty small, I would probably start with 3000 (that's kilocalories). Find a diet that works for you that hits 3000 kcal, and stick to it for a couple weeks. Note how fast you're gaining / not gaining weight (weigh yourself a couple times a week or every week or two, doesn't really matter) and make adjustments based on that.

When I first learned how to eat, I heard someone throw out the number 4000-4500. I didn't question it; I didn't ask why; I just looked at a list of foods that were good to eat, and made a diet plan incorporating them that hit those numbers day in and day out. It worked great for me, and I gained 25 lbs in 3 months, the vast majority being muscle. Unfortunately I had to go back to frat food after that for 9 months...


For a good list of foods to eat, you can check out the "Bodybuilding Bible" thread that's linked inside the "Best of T-Nation" sticky at the top.


I was unaware that 'overthinking it' could be seen as an insult. It seems to be just as harmful as the advice to 'eat more'. Both of which are very applicable in this situation.

I would imagine, given the maturity of OPs last two responses, that he would not see the above as insults.


Thank you very much for your tolerance. I really appreciete it, I'm also bit ashamed because I forgot to mention that I'm a girl. Sorry for that, it didn't occure to me in the first moment that 18% bodyfat could be anyone else than a women. But bact to the topic, does your answer still work in my case? Because I was trying to avoid gaining to much of fat. I prefer slower rate of gaining muscle but even slower gaining of fat. So you think that its ok to pick some number an eat it every day, workout, non-workout? So I will be eating more on the nonworkout days in total because of the calories lost?:slightly_smiling:


my advice is to stop worrying about the exact numbers of calories you burn. i don't think its even possible to determine that.

i think what you might be looking for is a simple formula that you can use for you caloric needs. you can get alot of info from lots of sources, but if you really want a personalized plan you might want to speak individual who can tailor one for you.

but in simple terms, just make sure you eat clean. as young as you are you should be fairly ok. incorporating wt lifting will help as well. don't think to much about it.


If you are 5'11" and 128lbs I don't think you should be worrying about calories burned lifting at this point either.


Just eat more than you are eating now. There is no need to micro manage when you are starting out.


what your doing, your probably burning at the most 300 calories in a 1 hour time frame. eat until you can't eat any more then eat some more.


and how many languages do you speak, sir?

to the lady at the top-

3000kcal is a nice round number to aim for at first. whatever # you're eating now, try increasing that by a couple hundred a week and see how that goes for you. just remember that it takes 3000 EXTRA kcal to build one pound of muscle, and some of that muscle will show up with some water and a lil bit o fat.

if you're eating healthy (less processed) food compared to junk (more processed) you will gain very little fat because of how you're lifting.


so how many calories you woould sugggest to add up to my maintence 2000 calories?


3000 kcal EXTRA? isn't it quite a lot? I eat 2000 calories per day now. Also I wanted to ask if I should eat the same amount of calories on workout even nonworkout days.