How Many Calories a Day?

How do I figure out how many calories I use each day. Can someone guesstimate for me maybe??

  • Work in a warehouse lifting boxes for eight hours five days a week. (not too hard, but not easy)

  • Work out five days a week.(nice intensity that I enjoy)

  • I breath, walk, and type on the computer too along with changing channels on a remote.

  • I am 6 ft. tall and 160 lbs. Not too much b.f.

I am trying to figure out how many calories I need to be consuming in order to make some positive weight gains. Current diet includes 2700 calories and 220 grams of protein.

I would estimate you need 3700-4200 calories to start gaining weight.

No one is going to be able to tell you for sure what you need to gain. Take what your average day diet is, keep that as the base and add to it slowly and in measureable amounts. Take note after 2-4 weeks positive changes in weight or appearance. If you gained a couple lbs then stay with that till you don’t. If you did not then add a little more till you do. My suggestion would be to add in calories at breakfast and post workout first.

Thanks for the replies fellas. When I do add calories what are some good clean calories that I can consume in addition to my current diet. Or should I just eat bigger portions of what I am already eating.