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How Many Bodyweight Deadlifts?


went to a new gym to look around, and seen on the blackboard they are having a bodyweight deadlift competition. how many reps can you get using your own bodyweight.. 1 set, normal movement.. up, down, and up again.... go until you give up. rest at the bottom should be no more than doing a normal set..
anyone ever try to go for max reps using their bodyweight on this exercise?


that doesn't seem like a challenging enough movement to just test max rep. I think these types of things would be better "tested" by time...i.e. how many seconds to do 100. Occasionally, I'll test how long it takes me to do 100 bodyweight squats...last time I was around 2:20...but with no concern about time, I don't see why I wouldn't be able to do several times that (it's the tempo that winds me...not the quantity). Did you try it yet? Seems like a peculiar competition...what kind of gym is this?


are you talking about BW squats with a bar loaded with your BW? (like the op is referring to in his BW deadlift) Or are you talking about just doing squats with no bar?


hahaha! Is that what he meant? I'm definitely talking about BW squats...I'm not a freak of nature. That's what I thought was so weird about it.

OP, now that I'm clear on what you mean, I currently weigh 190 and I have done 185 for 25 straight reps.


Example from Finland (not me, by the way :wink:).

Lifting starts at about 2 minutes.


i must ask is there a benefit from this? i mean what do u get by doing so many reps with low weight?


I remember they had this contest at the Arnold 2 years ago and my buddy Andrew Hollenbeck held the record for most of the day with 75 reps at around 170.


it was just something i read on the blackboard they had there. if you weigh 200# you deadlift 200#..

as far as what kind of contest it is, i guess its just a plain old contest to see who can do the most..

they also had previous comtests on reps with 200, 300 400 500. presses contest, pullup contests.. etc. kinda cool in a way. you train to get strong, so why not have in the house contests..

bodyweight contests may not be a lot of weight, but its cool when you do 35 reps and the others that weight the same do 25 reps..just friendly competition i guess.


Is it just me or does the host at the end have awful form? =D


High rep deadlifts are just plain stupid. As you fatigue, your form becames crap, and then things became dangerous!
Try hill sprints.


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Pretty sure he was doing the "Narrow Stance Sumo Upright Reverse Curl Row Deadlift"

Form was perfect