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How Many BCAA Caps for My Size?


I just have a question about Dyamtize’s BCAAs. They say to take two caps before your workout followed by another two after your workout. Currently I take 3 before and 3 after.

However, here is my problem. I am an offensive lineman at a university in Canada where I weigh in at 285 lbs. My workout is based around the west-side method, but I have included many power lifting exercises such as power cleans and clean and jerk.

My question is am I taking enough BCAAs for my size and weight? I’ve heard that I should take about 15g in a day. what should I do? any help will be great.

P.S. Here is a list of the other supplements I’m currently taking. I am not sure if with all my other supplements I am on that it is alright to take less BCAA’s. Furthermore, my diet consists of a low-fat, low-carb diet which emphasizes a low calorie intake and portion control. My main goal is to lose as much body fat as possible and keep my strength up.

Fish oil
Flaxseed oil
progressive Vege Greens
AllMAX isolate whey protein
Rapid Cuts fat burner
Purple K (creatine)
Dymatize BCAA’s

i forgot to ask, when is the best time to take the BCAAs (and how much at each serving)? When i wake up? before bed with my ZMA? or just before and after my workout? I want the most out the supplements I got because as a student it gets pricey to get these supplements so i want the “best bang for my buck”.

Thank you.