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How Many BBB Sets?

Dunno if this the right place to post this. Just an acknowledgement that getting the right 1RM max targets at the beginning of 531 has been tricky.

At first I screwed up somehow and went too light. All my AMRAP’s were like 25 to 30 reps.

I used what I learned from that mess and went to what the numbers indicated as my max’s.

I think it works. I go for a PR on my AMRAPS every time. I have missed a few but in general I just hit them on the upper body but I feel like I have a rep or two in the tank for the lower body. But I always stop at the rep that gets me the PR.

The only assistance I do is pullups and 5 days a week of BJJ.

So I am guessing my 1RM’s are still a bit light but progress has a steady upward slope. I’ll just stay the course.

How many sets do other BBB users do for the BBB part? Is 10 too many?

Thought it was usually 5?

BBB is always, ALWAYS 5x10.


So you’re doing PR sets and BBB? Generally, you run 5s Pro with BBB. Also, BBB may not be the best option if you’re training BJJ 5 days a week.

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Like it’s been said, BBB sets aren’t AMRAP, they are 5x10. So if you’re using say 50% of your TM, you do 5 sets of 10 x 50%™.